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0% Credit Cards: No Interest Purchases & Balance Transfers Offers

0% credit cards are all the rage these days and this list will help you identify the best deals out there. Consumer spending is down, fears of a recession are up, and retailers are scrambling to entice regular people like you and me to enter their stores and buy more stuff. One group of companies you’ll also find lining up to offer you special offers is the credit card industry.

Credit card companies don’t necessarily want you to go into debt to them, though that doesn’t hurt their bottom line. They want you to keep on spending because they earn money on processing transactions. If you review the annual statements of any credit card issuer, most of the income they derive from credit cards comes in the form of data processing and service fees. So, in order to keep spending up as long as possible, more and more are offering great offers such as 0% APY for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers.

No Interest 0% Credit Cards

Below is a list of cards that will give you either 0% on purchases for 12 months and then a list of cards that will give you a 0% on balance transfers for 12 months. Remember to read all the fine print regarding fees for those cards because they are subject to change, I’ll try to stay on top of them and keep these lists accurate but I’m only one person.

If a card offers both, it’s listed on both lists and individuals can apply for cards listed as “business.”

0% Balance Transfers Credit Cards

Many of the cards below have a 3% balance transfer fee and some of them have a cap on how high the fee will be. I can’t keep up with the changing card terms so the only thing I can guarantee I’ll monitor closely is whether they continue to offer a 0% balance transfer. If they stop offering a 0% balance transfer, I’ll pull it from the list. Finally, if you do get a card, remember to request a balance transfer and not “cash,” because they will try to give you a cash advance which won’t be 0%!

Now go out and stimulate that economy!

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