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$10 For Using Bank of America Check Card 3 Times

I just opened up a letter from Bank of America explaining a promotion in which they will deposit $10 into my checking account if I make at least 3 purchases before January 31st. The only thing I need to do is call up 1-888-624-2323 to activate my check card (which I’ve already done in the past) and I’m set. I don’t know what it takes to qualify for this (I never use my card, so that’s probably why I received this promotion) but if you have a BoA card, call up 1-877-437-8196 to see if you qualify for it.

Terms and conditions are that only one is allowed per account, not valid on ATM transactions, POS purchase adjustments, purchasing cash-like items (money orders, traveler’s cheques, etc) or account funding transactions. You will get the bonus deposited within 6-8 weeks after Jan 31st (if you qualify for this promotion of course).

Seems like an easy $10, call them up if you have any questions.