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10 Most Fun Jobs NOT, Part 1

FMF has found an article on CareerBuilder about the ten most fun jobs [3] and he’s going to write about each and every one… and I’m going to be the guy to tell you why that job absolutely sucks. Don’t tell him I’m doing this!

Part 1? Hollywood Wardrobe Stylist. Sure you can meet some stars but they won’t care who you are. You can spend a studio’s money buying clothes and accessories, but no one will notice what bauble some actress is wearing in scene 48. The pay is actually not bad but it’s without security. And if you’re like me, a guy with no fashion sense, this job would be a nightmare. And honestly, even the biggest shopaholics would find this job miserable after a while because you never wear the stuff you buy, someone prettier, more famous, and more talented than you will be.

Read FMF drooling all over himself about this job. [4] 🙂