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10 Most Fun Jobs NOT, Part 2.

This is a continuing but brief series about some article FMF discovered on CareerBuilder about the ten most fun jobs [3], I’m just playing the opposite side.

The second most fun job listed is a Proposition Player. These are the guys that help fill up a poker table when the room is looking a little light and needs to have some more action. You gamble with your own money and you’re paid for your time spent there, usually not that much too. The article does quote a rate of $30/hr which is pretty good, especially if you’re into poker. What’s the downside? If you can’t play poker, what you lose is your own money. If you can, well if you’re on a cold streak and want to get up, you can’t (at least not with the flexibility you do when you’re not on the payroll). For a regular joe, poker is fun when you’re knocking back a few beers with your friends… not when you’re paid $30/hr to play against people who want to take all of your money.

FMF wasn’t as hot about this job either [4]