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10 Places You Can Recycle Your Electronics, Household Goods and Clothing

Recycling is good for the environment of course, but if you diligently put all of your recycling in a blue bin every week and put it out to be picked up by the recycling company but don’t try to recycle any other ways, you could be missing out on valuable money. Yes, recycling can put money in your pocket, if you do it right.

General Recycling

RecycleBank [3]: This site rewards you with points for doing things like recycling weekly to watching videos to learn more about how to live a greener life. Use the points to get rewards including coupons for organic groceries, gift cards, and discounts for “green” purchases.

Cell Phones and iPads

There are many sites that assist and even pay you for your old cell phones and iPads [4]. Remember to shop around before sending in your old cell phone to determine which of the sites will pay you more money.

Computers & Computer Supplies

BuyMyTronics [5]: Sell your laptops, iPads, digital cameras, iPods and much more at this site. Just enter the condition of your equipment, get a quote, mail it out and receive payment within approximately two weeks via PayPal.

Cash4Cartridges [6]: This site is for organizations looking for a fund raising idea, not for individuals looking to make some extra money. They pay to recycle qualifying empty inkjet and laser cartridges.

TonerBuyer [7]: This group will buy empty fax, printer and copier cartridges from individuals and groups fundraising through the site.

Bottles and Cans

In 11 states (California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon and Vermont), consumers pay a deposit up front on their bottles and cans and then receive all or part of the deposit back when they recycle them. Yet, many are still not recycled. Find these along the roadside or in public places or even collect them from friends, and you could make some good money.


Consignment Stores: If you or your children have clothing in good condition, consider consigning it and making a percentage of the sale price. National consignment clothing chains include Once Upon a Child, Plato’s Closet and Second Time Around.

ThredUP [8]: This chain will send you a bag to ship all of your kids’ outgrown clothes. They will pay you for the items they want to consign and donate the rest to needy families so the clothing stays out of the landfills. You will receive payment within 4 weeks.

eBay [9]: If you don’t mind doing the work yourself, eBay is another online site to sell your children’s and your own clothes, particular if they are high end brands.

CDs, Videos and Games

SecondSpin [10]: Sell your used CDs, videos and games on this site. They have a list of products they are looking to purchase. If yours is not on the list, simply e-mail them to see if they want to buy it.

Cash4CDs [11]: Entered 6 or more titles and get a quote. If you accept the offer, they will send you a package to ship for free and pay you.

Recycling can not only help you declutter the house and do something good for the environment, but it can benefit your wallet as well. Take a look around the house. What items do you have that you could recycle for cash?

What are your favorite recycling programs?

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