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$1,000,000 Bills Don’t Exist!

Unfortunately, no one told eight people in southern Japan who paid out over 150 million yen, or $1.27 million USD, to be a part of an “investment deal” where they’d get a return of 10 times their investment. The deal involved rare $1 million dollar bills that were issued in 1928 to let Americans bring their assets home and featured a picture of President George Washington at a Tokyo hotel… except the bills were fake, the story fabricated, and now three of the eight have filed for personal bankruptcy.

Tips to avoid getting scammed like this:
1. Try to find out if what you’re investing in actually exists. If it doesn’t, then it’s a scam. If it does, then it’s probably still a scam. (the largest bill the US Treasury ever printed was $100,000 [link [3]] back in the 1930s and it featured the face of Woodrow Wilson)
2. Don’t believe pictures, Photoshop can do wonders like make me look like a supermodel.
3. There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme, unless you’re running it. And if you’re running it, you’re a scumbag and should die.

via the Associated Press [4].