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12 Days of Christmas Index Up 4% This Year

Every year, Business Week does a little thing I call the 12 Days of Christmas Index. They take the cost of all the items in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and see how much they would cost if you were to go out and try to buy them. They do make it a really fun endeavor as they compare the prices of buying one of each item (for a total of twelve), buying the whole song (364 items in total), buying all the items online (again, 364 items). They break down what items increased the most, what items didn’t, what items decreased, etc. All in all, it’s really entertaining and what’s surprising is that sometimes the “index” mirrors current economic trends.

For example, the five golden rings cost $325 last year, they’re up to a whopping 21.5% to $395 this year. Anyone tracking the cost of an ounce of gold, now over $800 an ounce, won’t find this surprising at all. Other notable increases were those eight maids a-milking, up to $47 from $41, helped along by the federal increase in the minimum wage.

So, how much would one of each item cost? $19,507, up 3.1%.
How much would the whole song cost? $78,100, up 4%.
And what if you bought these online? $128,886, up 2.5%.

I’m not sure what my fiancĂ©e would do if she came home and saw eight smokin’ hot maids a-milking (for only $47!)