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14 Reasons Why I Should Buy A Kindle

One of the Quicken/Turbo Tax Giveaway winners, Victoria, and I have been emailing back and forth on a variety of topics the last week or so and she put together a very comprehensive case as to why I should buy (my wife) a Kindle [3]. She spent so much time on the email that I thought it was worth sharing in case you were considering a Kindle for yourself or a loved one. (and this is just the first part of the email!)

14 Reasons You Should Buy A Kindle

  1. Access to the top newspapers of the world. I read my major three when I can: USA Today, New York Times, LA Times, etc. If I have time, I can download single issues without leaving my bed on Sunday morning or if I’m waiting in a doctor’s office or at the DMV. I enjoy reading what Britain and others around the world think about our global issues.I do not have to subscribe to a monthly subscription. For those that do have the time to read them all each day, you can try any newspaper for a free 14 day trial (or any blog).
  2. When reading any book on the Kindle, you only have to highlight a word and click to get a definition from a built in dictionary. No more hunting for a dictionary while you’re reading or worse yet, not getting up to get one at all.
  3. Since serious readers are constantly improving their horizons, you can download a sample of any book you are interested in for free to check content, style etc before you buy it.
  4. Short of a used bookstore, you cannot beat the prices. Amazon has indeed learned marketing from iTunes.
  5. Since most of us have books coming out of our ears and in every room in the house and have long ago run out of bookshelves to hold them all, it is wonderful to be able to read all you want and not add to the physical library until you are sure that the selection is worth adding to your physical library.
  6. Any book I buy will remain in my “download library” in amazon cyberspace. I can delete it off my kindle and next year if I want to read it again, I can download it again. Kindles “within families” can access the “family library”. If you want to read something your wife bought, you can download it to your kindle. You can sync your Kindle with your computer to download books you have need of from your “library”.
  7. When researching, I can make notes and save those notes on anything I am reading on the Kindle. I can keep a running book list of books I want to “save for later”.
  8. I can access the “whispernet” anywhere a cell phone works which is pretty nearly anywhere, anytime 24/7. If I wake up in the middle of the night and want to read anything at all from magazines to newspapers to the latest bestseller, I can and to date, it’s free.
  9. Many, many books (especially the classics) are free. If I want to have a “Masterpiece Sunday” on a rainy day, I can download “Pride and Prejudice” for free.
  10. I just downloaded the Kindle application on my iPod Touch and now have downloaded a few books form my “to read on the iPod in case I don’t have my Kindle with me or my purse is too small to carry it.
  11. Amazon, like Apple, encourages those who can, to investigate publishing their own e-books(apps) and provides the information to do it.
  12. Anything I want on my Kindle, from a favorite recipe to an article I am working on, can be sent to my Kindle from Amazon for 10 cents a page.
  13. When reading multiple books at a time, the Kindle remembers what page I was one in each no matter how long it’s been since I last “opened” that book.
  14. The ability to change font size at a click when the type is really too small or too big for the page.

There you have it, fourteen reasons why the Kindle rocks. Do you have a Kindle or have you thought about it?