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15 Low Cost Weekend Activities Without Leaving Home

Have you read the other two parts of this series? In the first article we looked at a few weekend activities that cost little or no money [3]. In the second article, we looked at ways to make more costly activities more affordable.

In this article, we’re going to look at 15 ways to have fun without leaving the house. Who said that you have to get in the car and go somewhere in order to have a fun weekend? All of the below 15 activities can easily take place at home or get some friends and family together and make it even better.

Drive in Movie– Take a TV outside, lay out some blanks, set up some chairs, grab some snacks and watch a movie under the stars. Thanks to devices like Apple TV, you can watch a movie through your WIFI connection.

Plant a Garden– Not only does a garden teach work ethic and reinforce what they’re leaning in science class but it’s a fun family activity that provides enjoyment for much more than one night.

Target Squirting- A few squirt guns, some plastic cups or other lightweight targets and you have a fun game. Invite the neighbor kids over and have a family against family contest.

Water Balloons- An old favorite, for sure. Remember the water balloon toss where you partner up and toss the balloon back and forth taking one step away from each other with each toss? Somebody always gets wet!

Outdoor Painting– Lay out an old bed sheet or large piece of paper and grab some finger paints, old latex house paints, or paint balls and make some modern art.

Bubble Art– Did you know that if you add a drop or two of food coloring to the bubble solution, the bubble will pop in color? Blow bubbles on to a piece of paper to make an interesting new piece of art.

Make a Sandbox– Take an old kids swimming pool, fill it up with sand, and you now have a sandbox that doesn’t involve digging up the back yard.

Sidewalk Chalk– You’ve probably seen the results of a fun day of sidewalk chalk at one of your neighbor’s house. Go out and buy a big bucket of chalk and the kids will be entertained for hours.

Scavenger Hunt– You know how it works but leave a reward at the end of the trail. What have your kids asked for that could be a treasure?

Have a Campout– Set up a tent or two in the backyard and have a campout. If you have traditional camping gear, go all out and make a meal or small campfire. (If you’re locality approves)

Obstacle Course– Allow your children to construct the course and let the adults make their way through the course.

Make Ice Cream– Homes are full of ice cream makers that sit in the cabinet for years without being used. Now might be the time to pull it out, dust it off, and have some fun.

Make a Board Game– It doesn’t have to be fancy but when your children create a board game and you play it as a family, it doesn’t matter how well it actually works.

Simulate Stocks– Sites like Yahoo! Finance allow you to trade stocks without using real money. Pick some stocks like Disney, Coca-Cola or other kid friendly names and make a competition out of who can make the most money.

Make Music– There are a variety of programs and websites that allow you to make music without any musical experience. Check it out and have some family fun writing a new song.

Bottom Line

We’ve found over this three part series that there are plenty of ways to have fun on the weekends without spending a lot of money. Of course movies, ball games, and family trips will always be a fun way to splurge but with a little bit of creativity, you can have fun without breaking the bank.