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15 Stocking Stuffers that Don’t Suck

One of the biggest dilemmas I face each year is what to put in my husband’s stocking. It’s relatively easy to fill our son’s stocking: Stuff it with candy a few small toys and he’s happy. It’s a little more challenging to stuff a stocking for an adult.

While you can always add candy or nuts (and possibly the obligatory orange) to the stocking, you might need a few other things to fill it out. Here are some ideas that can help you put together a stocking that doesn’t suck:

  1. Movie tickets: Get some movie passes from the local theater and add them to stocking. Everyone likes a good show. Bonus points if you add vouchers for popcorn and a drink.
  2. Hand creme: There are some fun and attractive hand cremes out there. They are very easy to slip into a stocking, add a bit of luxury, and come in a variety of scents.
  3. Mobile device accessories: Look for accessories for the recipient’s mobile device. Sparkly smart phone covers, attractive Kindle covers, and tablet covers can make great gifts. You can also consider a nice set of earbuds, or a solar charger.
  4. Gloves: One of my favorite stocking stuffers was a pair of nice driving gloves. They were lined with soft material, and were supple leather on the outside. Hardcore outdoors types might like gloves they can wear skiing, and you can always add mittens to your children’s stockings.
  5. Jewelry zip case: Get a cool jewelry zip case for the frequent traveler on your list. A great way to keep all the bling carefully sorted on the go.
  6. Mini bottle of champagne: This is a fun addition to any stocking. You can find mini bottles that slip easily into a stocking. It’s also possible to find mini bottles of sparkling cider drinks.
  7. Money clip: You can order a personalized money clip. Consider using initials, rather than a full name. A simple, fun gift.
  8. Mini tools: My husband loves the mini screwdriver set that arrived in his stocking last year. You can also find complete mini tool sets. Consider giving a multi-tool as well. Anyone can receive these tools and be properly prepared for most situations.
  9. Cologne or perfume: Get a small travel size version of a favorite scent. It goes right into the stocking, and can be a fun way to ensure that your recipient is able to smell nice no matter where he or she is.
  10. Gift cards: Consider an iTunes gift card, or some other gift card. Something to a favorite coffee shop would probably strike just the right note.
  11. Small games: There are some small games that can be a lot of fun. “Would You Rather…?” is a great option, because it can be a fun thing to take on trips. Consider other small games that can be brought out in any circumstance to liven the situation.
  12. Wine stoppers: Look for some creative stoppers that fit with different seasons. A nice wine stopper, or even a nice bottle opener or corkscrew can make a great gift.
  13. Artisan soaps: There are a number of great artisan bar soaps that can make fragrant, fun, and unique stocking stuffers for almost anyone on your list.
  14. Nice pens: Consider adding a nice pen set to the stocking. You can slip in one very nice pen, or a decent pen set. Look for gel pens or even glitter pens for a fun touch.
  15. Hat: Whether it’s a beanie or some other hat, it can make a great stocking stuffer. You can also consider headbands as well.

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