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190 Bowery: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

On the outside, it looks like graffiti-covered dump.

On the inside, 190 Bowery in Manhattan is a six-story, 72-room, 35,000 square foot single family home that is absolutely gorgeous. It was once the home of Germania Bank and was built in 1898.

Jay Maisel [3], a well-known photographer, bought the building forty-two years ago for $102,000 and has lived in it since with his wife Linda and daughter Amanda. When he got it, it “was knee-deep in garbage and coated in soot.” He said his parents cried when they found out and that “Every single thing that can come out of a human body has been left on my doorstep. But it was more disgusting than dangerous.”

The slideshow [4] is a collection of eleven beautiful photographs covering every floor of the building. The home is estimated to be worth at least $30 million. There are more photos in this interview with Jay Maisel [5] (interview [6]).

The 72-Room Bohemian Dream House [7] [New York Magazine] (hat tip to Kottke.org [8])