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$20 Lottery Scratch Off Tickets

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$20 Platinum Rewards Maryland Lottery ScratchoffLast week, as my lovely wife was waiting in line at the supermarket checkout aisle, I wandered around. I don’t really enjoy waiting around for much of anything. It’s a mixture of impatience, attention deficit, and boredom, but in the time between putting the groceries on the belt and taking our bags to leave, I usually wander around the front of the store. I look at the piles of firewood, the coffee stand, some of the headlines on the newspapers, and I ended up looking at the cornucopia of scratch off lottery tickets in the automated dispenser.

That’s when I noticed that it sold twenty dollar scratch off tickets. (that’s one of them to the right) Twenty bucks… one card. The card probably had a bunch of games on it but the idea that there would be not one but three different $20 scratch off tickets was absolutely mind boggling. I was amazed. (as you can see, the letter “r” on my phone doesn’t work that great anymore)

What makes it even more remarkable is that it’s generally accepted that scratch off games offer the worst odds. The appeal is in the immediacy of the payoff. You scratch, you win, you walk into a store and get some cash. You don’t have to wait for a drawing, you have a little fun in scratching things off, and the ticket itself can be cheap ($1). The problem is that you probably won’t win anything.

A lot of other bloggers have done the $100 scratch off lottery game, where they buy a hundred $1 scratch off tickets and share their results. My favorite, and most entertaining, version of this was the $100 scratch off game by J Money. In his edition, he spent 90 minutes of his life and turned $100 into $38. If you want a way to turn $100 into $38 in less than 90 minutes, send me the crisp Franklin and I’ll send you back a Jackson, a Hamilton, a Lincoln, and three Washingtons. I’ll even cover postage.

Finally, if you are deadset on buying tickets… here are my secrets to how to win the lottery. 🙂

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77 Responses to “$20 Lottery Scratch Off Tickets”

  1. $20 lottery tickets from a machine. Seriously? 38% payback…that’s lower than slot machines…hmm.

    This is probably the best case for legalizing casinos or at least slot machines. Don’t they pay 60% or more? My goodness…what a ripoff.

  2. scratchthis says:

    The real losers are all you boring, no-life, no-adventure having, save my money and drive a prius commenters. Funny how you do have the time writing about how bad it is. If you don’t do it or recommend it then how do you know its bad. Get a real fun life losers. You’ll realize what I’m talking about when your buying scratchers one day when ur mate leaves you cause your so effen boring!!! Lol!

  3. Sugarhill says:

    If you are someone you know hits the lottery a big payoff/ make sure you owe no federal taxes,student loans, child support, or any outstanding hospital bills that are registered in Austin, Texas connections because you will not see your money, you won until all the other collectors are paid off……

    This comment does not reflect the views are the opinions of the Texas lottery but is true experienced participator…..Listen and read…..

  4. Luke says:

    I does seeem strange that people that don’t like lotto is in here urging others to not like them. I buy $70 a day, then at the end of the week cash all the winners at once. I bring in a huge stack. Its like $250 and all the people in line cant believe all the cash I’m getting paid out. Lotto is soooo mcuh fun, I’m never stopping, even if I’m destitude.

    • Rondo says:

      Hey brother!! Me and you are on the same gravy train baby! I couldn’t agree more! Ppl try to discourage other because they fail at success! Plz ppl!…don’t fall into their misery! They want u to fail like them. The saying holds true: “MISERY LOVES THAT BITCHES COMPANY”!! Keep doing you Luke! I smell a jackpot coming buddy!!

    • BOB-O says:


  5. tancha says:

    won $500 last month, $100 today, spend only $10 every two weeks, you do the math.

  6. Korey says:

    The worst thing about scratch tickets are the odds, the lottery says 1 in 5 chances of winning its an estimate way off what they do is calculate the number of tickets that are in a single game and the number of actual winners in that single game and divide them and thats the odds divided out, I looked on my states lottery website and for a 2 dollar scratch ticket game the total amount of 2 dollar winning tickets are 284,000 the next amount 5 dollar winning tickets in that same game are 17,000 so with 1,300,453 total tickets for 1 single 2 dollar game with 380,000 winning tickets, all I can say is you never know just buy 1 ticket if you dont win then say better luck next time, the lottery is only a game, you dont always win but you can sometimes

  7. RogerNYC says:

    I’ve been having better luck with the Scratch offs, But, You have to obtain many to get results with patience, When I get the feeling, I don’t know what it is,” Intuition!” “Or What?” Is when I play, Everyone has to have a good day or more, Within the month. When you get that feeling go for it.

    I’ve hit Ten Scratch offs in a row, Recently, The whole ten strip. won’t mention the amount, But, It covered me nice. Good Luck to All!

  8. breeze says:

    I personally know 2 people who have won big, one 30 k and the other 18 k I would still never buy the 20 dollar tickets but I have fun with the occasional small ones, they are entertaining and I may just be the next winner!

  9. Hina says:

    you don’t play there is no chance to win or loose… you play atleast there is a chance.

  10. Candace says:

    My buddy at work won 1 million on a $20 ticket three years ago. So…if it can happen to him…

  11. idiots says:

    i think its ignorant for people to say ( if your going to waste money like that just send it to me) are you stupid? people pay for the chance to win a ton of money.. they dont just “waste” the money.. ur fat azz probabily spend more money on hamburgers than people play scratch offs.. i had morons say ( just give the money to me if your going to buy scratch off’s) untill i won 50,000 from a 10$ scratch off.. and said see moron i spent about 200$ in my life on scratch off’s and now i have a extra 50 thousand.. what did you get for not playing? Exactly….

  12. truth says:

    Odds have nothing to do with scratch offs// if you play just 1 scratch off.. it will always be 50/50 chance because even if there is a win after 5 tickets.. 5 people could of bought a ticket before you.. making yours a winner.. or you can buy 1.. loose and 4 more buy.. and you buy another after that and win..

  13. nick says:

    Lotto tickets are my retirement plan. Basically the only way I’ll ever be able to retire is if I hit a mil. Then I’ll stop playing. Remember, you cant win if you don’t play.Must focus on whats inside the box. Ignore everything else.Good news is the MA lottery has a payout of 53% which is better than most states.

  14. Ellis says:

    In the summer of 2010, I decided to play $100 on $20 lotto tickets. I wanted to see how often it was that you won at least $100. What I found was that 1 in 4 tickets really do win $100. My original 5 tickets purchased for $100 dollars allowed me to buy an additional 48 yes 48 $20 scratch off tickets before I decided to call it quits with $80 remaining. So I was able to 53 $20 games for $100 of my original money and walked away with only having spent $20 on an hour of fun.

  15. J says:

    I am an avid casino-goer and I buy lotto tickets about everyday. I occasionally play the “draw games” (powerball, mega millions etc) but I buy scratch offs almost daily. I used to play 1,2 and 5s – but within the past few weeks I’ve been buying 20s. I only buy 1-3 a day and I’ve done a lot better on them. I don’t always win but I usually get even or close to it. I’m
    In Ohio so I can’t speak for other states, but the ones I buy have a 75% payout so that’s a lot better than the other cheaper tickets. If I’ve learned one thing from the casino: you have to bet big to win big. Good luck everyone : )

  16. Rondo says:

    WoW! I can’t believe how many sore, broke losers are complaining! Let me tell u a short but true story. I used to play the scratch offs and bitch about never ever winning okay. I used to just walk in the store and buy a ticket, lose and then bitch about losing! Until I start thinking and using the brain that God screwed inside of my skull, and start strategizing. I begin to time myself and ask questions at the store about what’s losing and what’s winning, then and only then, will I buy. If u go in and bitch, u will come out the sore loser u make yourself to be. If u walk in with good intentions and a thinking mans brain, its guaranteed u will win! U might just get lucky the 1st try! Youll thank me for it thru the universe when I win big! Oh yeah…don’t buy 1.00 scratch offs…its a poor man’s hopelessness. Buy 10.00 or 20.00. If u can’t afford that buy 5.00 and stick to it! You have to be a attack mode! Don’t forget to ask the questions and go against the grain of the answers given to you…then u buy. Good luck and STOP BITCHIN’! Use your noggin’!

  17. Zac says:

    Well let me say this….I play scratch offs more than anyone in here..that’s fact….just because people can afford to lose their Ass and you can’t….Don’t knock em…just yesterday I bought a 10$ ticket…one ticket and bang 100$ winner…it happens…don’t ever give up….in order to appreciate the success can’t be afraid to fail

  18. Mary says:

    I do buy scratch offs..I spend $20 or less a week(If a ticket is a winner I use the $20 ONLY from it the following week to buy my tickets). I usually buy the $5 ones and due to the odds win min $5 and up.

  19. Linda says:

    I never used to buy scratchoffs for myself, only to put in b-day and x-mas cards sometimes. Last year I bought a co-worker a $5.00 scratch-off for X-mas and she won $100. Since then I’ve decided to try my luck by spending $20 a month on them… So far I’ve only won $27 and I’ve been doing this since the beginning of the year… Oh well…

  20. Amy says:

    On Christmas in December 2011 my cousin scratched a lotto ticket that was in his stocking and won $50,000. Then since January of 2021 his father (my uncle) has won big on scratch offs 3X since then. He won $600.00, then $100,000 (yes $100K), then just last month won another $20,000K! Therefore, between my cousin and uncle they have won over $175,000 in the past 6 months playing scratch offs! Therefore, today I decided to play to test my luck and I spent $40 on 1-$20 scratch off and $2-$10 scratch offs and low and behold I won $100 on the $20 ticket and $20 on the $10 ticket. Therefore, I made an easy $80 on my first day of playing! 🙂 As others have said, you can’t win if you don’t play! Obviously, you will not always win and you will lose more than you would like….but in the end if you win big you can rest assured knowing you wouldn’t have won if you hadn’t taken the risk in the first place!

  21. Jim says:

    Do people win on Scratch-offs? Yes. Do the wins cover the losses? Not in the long run unless you get very lucky and hit a big jackpot. Do I like scratch offs? Yes, they make a great birthday present to put in a card but that is about it.

  22. PATRICIA says:

    Wheres the Best Place to Buy a Scratch Off ? Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, From Cashiers or through the Machine ?

  23. Hephaestus says:

    Are people more likely to put in a positive comment if they are in a winning streak or know of someone who is?

    If your truly in touch with intuition are you more likely to win?
    If your in touch with your intuition, do you need to play the lottery to earn a good living.

    Aes Sedai

  24. ihateIDIOTS says:

    I hate those idiots that say “if you going to play lotto just send me the money because that’s basically what you are doing!”

    First off people get the pleasure of having a chance to CHANGE their Whole life for the better by playing. not only that you say he spent 100$ and made 38$ well for the scratch of games that have 12 top prizes and only 2 remaining. what happened to the 10 people that won? can they send you 100$ and you give them 10 mil? no you fukin idiot. When you fly a plane there is a % chance you can die.. so hey if your going to fly a plane you should just come over here and let me kill you because there’s a chance you can die anyways… fukin idiots

  25. Kristen says:

    Hi I have been told by my mom and grandfather (who died suddenly in 2005 🙁 that I took after his mother and my great grandmother that I am lucky and I never believed it, I mean I won $50 at my old Catholic school carinval thing, but with in the past 6 years I have been buying/playing the scratch off lottery tickets and I only play when I win.

    A month ago I though I’d try to and scratch off a $20 scratch off lottery ticket and I though if I do not win then I will not buy anymore $20 tickets so I bought one (a Christmas one) and I won $250 (the most I ever won) then I decided the following week to try again on the same $20 (Christmas ticket) and I won another $100.

    So then also I am not working out in the public but I am working to help take care of my 93 year old Grandmother who is living with my family and I, so I bought probably 10 $20 tickets (at different times and different stores in the month of November (and they were a Christmas won) and I won $250 (once) $100 $5 times times and then $50 4 times and I did not spend the money on myself I spent the money on Christmas and Birthday gifts for my younger sister and mom this month and then I am planning on giving some of the money I won to the Alzheimer foundation since that is what my 93 year old grandmother has.

    But now I just buy the $5 lottery tickets about once or twice a week if I go to one of the two different grocery stores near where I live I will by one or two $5 tickets and I keep playing the scratch off lottery tickets when I win if I go to a store tomorrow and buy a ticket and I loose then I am done for a while.

    But I do have some people I know who think I have a gambling problem and I don’t think I do, like I said I only keep playing the lottery when I win if I loose tomorrow or another day then I stop for a month or two or until I win again. And then the money I do win, some of my family members think that I should give it to them and not use it on myself.

    And I do sometimes play the powerball or mega millions but I NEVER have luck with them. I only have luck on the sctatch off lottery tickets and I will continue to keep playing the lottery and one day and I mean one day it would be nice to win alot of money on there and go on a nice vacation.

    • Kristen says:

      Oh and I forgot to say I am happy that I have luck with the scratch off lottery tickets because I am not so lucky when it comes to health I was born with a heart problem (fixed now) and then Juvinile Arthritis and now Type 1 Diabetes.

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