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$20 Lottery Scratch Off Tickets

Last week, as my lovely wife was waiting in line at the supermarket checkout aisle, I wandered around. I don’t really enjoy waiting around for much of anything. It’s a mixture of impatience, attention deficit, and boredom, but in the time between putting the groceries on the belt and taking our bags to leave, I usually wander around the front of the store. I look at the piles of firewood, the coffee stand, some of the headlines on the newspapers, and I ended up looking at the cornucopia of scratch off lottery tickets in the automated dispenser.

That’s when I noticed that it sold twenty dollar scratch off tickets. (that’s one of them to the right) Twenty bucks… one card. The card probably had a bunch of games on it but the idea that there would be not one but three different $20 scratch off tickets was absolutely mind boggling. I was amazed. [3] (as you can see, the letter “r” on my phone doesn’t work that great anymore)

What makes it even more remarkable is that it’s generally accepted that scratch off games offer the worst odds. The appeal is in the immediacy of the payoff. You scratch, you win, you walk into a store and get some cash. You don’t have to wait for a drawing, you have a little fun in scratching things off, and the ticket itself can be cheap ($1). The problem is that you probably won’t win anything.

A lot of other bloggers have done the $100 scratch off lottery game, where they buy a hundred $1 scratch off tickets and share their results. My favorite, and most entertaining, version of this was the $100 scratch off game by J Money [4]. In his edition, he spent 90 minutes of his life and turned $100 into $38. If you want a way to turn $100 into $38 in less than 90 minutes, send me the crisp Franklin and I’ll send you back a Jackson, a Hamilton, a Lincoln, and three Washingtons. I’ll even cover postage.

Finally, if you are deadset on buying tickets… here are my secrets to how to win the lottery [5]. 🙂