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2006 Housing Price Forecasts

Doom and gloom hovers over the housing markets of America! The sky is falling! The bubble is bursting! Average home prices in Las Vegas are expected to drop 8.2% in 2006 according to Fiserv Lending Solutions! The run is over!

Alright, now that we’ve gotten the hype over the rise and fall of housing out of our system, we can take a look at the estimates of housing prices by Fiserv Lending Solutions for 2006. They anticipate Las Vegas having the greatest decline of the 379 metro areas they reviewed which was to be expected, if you expected anything in the first place. New York would be dinged for 2.43%, LA for 3% and Washington D.C. a palpable 1.9%.

Personally, the Baltimore-Towson region is expected to appreciate 1% in the coming year. Those of you who have enjoyed the feverish housing appreciation in St. George, Utah (31.5% between Q3 2004 and Q3 2005), you should hope that Fiserv is accurate because they predict an additional 14.7% increase in 2006 – the most of any area they surveyed.

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