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2007 Graduates See Big Pay Increases

I really do enjoy seeing the annual numbers for new hire pay because it gives me some blogging fodder and since I’ve been doing it for a little while now I can really look back at historic number to see how this year compared to last year and this year is especially juicy. According to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE), practically every field saw a jump led by marketing majors who saw starting offers increase a whopping 10.3%. Now, sometimes this is a result of languishing salaries and this may be the case here as the average salary was $41,285, which ranked second to last on the chart displayed. Computer science grads saw a mere 2.5% while the Mechanical engineers can expect a 5.7% increase and Chemical engineers saw a healthy 5.6% increase.

Last November [3], we saw Information sciences and systems major salaries increase by 7.5%, the highest increase, and marketing major degrees didn’t even make the list. Accounting saw a 4.6% in 2005 compared to 2.7% this year. Chemical engineers saw another “higher than inflation” increase with 4.9% – I’m sure oil prices with the continued prosperity of chemical engineers. Here’s another salary comparison list [4] too if you want more data points.

Source: CNN Money [5]