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2008 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule

This page covers the 2008 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule. Here is the latest 2010 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule [3].

Since many states are having their first tax-free period (for hurricane preparedness) this weekend, I thought it would be helpful if someone did a recap of all the tax sales across the nation (I’m unaware of a similar list for 2008 existing anywhere), so I did searches of all the states and collected the information on any sales tax holidays they are having. Many states have scaled back the tax-free program because of projected tax revenue shortfalls (Florida canceled its spring tax sale for hurricane preparedness supplies and shortened its typically ten day school supply tax-free period to seven days) but many still have some sort of program in place.

What started as a tax holiday on clothing and shoes has now spread to multiple tax sales for some states. Some have a spring-time hurricane preparedness tax-free period, some have added an energy efficiency related tax-free period for the fall, and some have all three. Below is as comprehensive a list as I could manage and I hope you find it useful. If a state doesn’t appear, I believe it doesn’t have a sales tax holiday or it’s Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon and they don’t have a sales tax. 🙂

The state names link to the state’s Department of Revenue or some other resource that will fully explain every last painful detail of the tax holiday in that state, such as exceptions to the tax holiday.

If I missed a state, please let me know and I’ll add them. I thought it was funny that Maryland’s first sales tax holiday wouldn’t be until 2010… I’m not buying any clothes or shoes until then!

(photo by pulpolux [17])