2009 Federal Income Tax Brackets (Official IRS Tax Rates)

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9/16/09: The inflation data for 2009 have been released, so you can find the 2010 income tax brackets.

2/26/09: These IRS tax brackets are official.

The Labor Department released inflation data yesterday and the Wall Street Journal had three tax experts estimate how all the inflation-pegged tax figures would change based on those numbers. Many tax numbers, like the brackets, exemptions, standard deductions, etc., are pegged to inflation so knowing the Labor Department figures can give you huge insight into how those numbers will move. The three experts are George Jones, senior federal tax analyst at CCH; William Massey, senior tax analyst for the tax & accounting business of Thomson Reuters; and Prof. James C. Young, professor of accountancy at Northern Illinois University. The Wall Street Journal does this every year and, for as long as I can remember, they’re often it pretty spot on. Based on their calculations, a bunch of inflation-pegged tax numbers are going up.

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All these figures are merely estimates, the government can always go back and adjust inflation figures so these numbers may change.

2009 Federal Income Tax Brackets

Here’s what they projected for the income tax brackets for 2009, compared to 2008 figures:
Projected 2009 Federal Income Tax Brackets

Some other changes:

  • Standard deduction increases: The standard deduction for married filling jointly is expected to increase to $11,400 from $10,900, a $500 increase. Singles and those married filling separately will get a standard deduction of $5,700, a $250 increase from $5,450 in 2008.
  • Personal exemption increases: The personal exemption amount will increase $150 to $3,650.
  • $13,000 gift tax exclusion: Professor Young believes that that gift tax exclusion amount will increase from $12,000 to $13,000. Right now, if you give more than $12,000 a year to someone as a gift, you have to pay a gift tax on it (yes, the giver of the gift pays the tax). Professor Young believes that number will increase to $13,000.

More insight and explanation can be found at the Wall Street Journal and here were their predictions on last year’s IRS tax brackets.

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56 Responses to “2009 Federal Income Tax Brackets (Official IRS Tax Rates)”

  1. Chris says:

    What does “your antisipated overpayment” mean to the IRS? Does this mean I have to pay that amount or is that my refund??? HELP!


  2. Fordorth says:

    All taxes have a purpose all taxes go to some government funded program or project of some sort. It does not matter if we see the projects or not the money is going there. When you drive to work the same way you do everyday and you don’t hit that pothole you swear at two or three times a week did you notice it was filled in. It sure didn’t fix itself and the road repair crew that poured the not cheap asphalt into the hole and ran there little steam roller over it to make it flat sure didn’t volunteer for the job. I am 23 years old I have only been working since 2001 I go to school for a living I have a kid and a wife and I have to make sure I shop in certain cities so I do not get charged sales tax on my food. I have cox internet so I do not get charged tax on the use of the telephone lines. I avoid taxes as much as possible because I can’t afford to pay them. But let me tell you I am going into the military in april I will be happy to pay my taxes I will be happy to fight for a country where I call 911 and someone shows up at my door the same day. I will be happy to drive down a street that was just paved I will be happy to do everything my taxes pay for.
    The reason taxes always go up isn’t because of currupt politicians or failing banks or any of the mess that our country is in. Our taxes go up every year because we demand a cost of living increase. The government has to pay for everything they want to do just you or I do. They use the taxes that all of america pays to pay for there projects and they use there overly large line of credit to pay for what taxes dont pay for. Here is news for all of you go stand in your congressmans shoes for a day go stand in the presidents shoes for a day. Listening to the entire country gripe about this not working right or this needing to be improved or blah blah blah isn’t easy. who do you make hapy first and how much is it going to cost and who is going to pay for it. No I probably will never see my social security. No I will probably never be able to get on medicare because it will be non-existent but let me tell you if my grandmother didn’t have it she would be dead. and I would much rather pay the tax then have to bury my grandmother because she can’t afford insurance. Anyone who complains about paying a tax that saves peoples lives are cold heartless evil people that are no better then the terroists that our troops are fighting so hard to eliminate. If you feel so strongly against taxes why don’t you write a letter to your congressman (may i suggest not mentioning shooting them or the president)they dont have time to surf the net and read all of the threads about what people do or do not like about the united states. On one of the comments I read if everyone quit there job and lived off the government the government would not have the money to pay for the people who really need…The families that have college educations and two working parents and two kids and can’t find to pennies to rub together. I am sorry you are all so hateful and vindictive I am sorry you were born in a country in a time that people have to pay taxes. But everyone in evry country pays taxes unless you are a criminal.

    • hot head says:

      So.. you are joining the armed forces huh? Would you take up arms against the US citizens if ordered? Like for not paying taxes or having guns in the house.

    • concerned citizen says:

      well said, fordorth. Bravo.

    • Toby says:

      The point that you and most who are “pro-tax” are missing is not that taxes aren’t necessary, it’s that taxes at the current (and God forbid, projected) levels are preposterous. I am a civil engineer, and therefore understand and appreciate the taxes needed for capital improvements, for fire departments and a defense system. Captialism, for all the negativity it holds, is what created the extensive wealth America enjoyed for so long. It was what inspired millions of people to create opportunities for themselves to make money…all of that is being put to death by the incessant taxes being issued on Americans today.

      I applaud you for joining the military, but I think you should take a look at federal spending before you say “cold heartless evil people” is synonomous with those who are disgusted at today’s taxes. We did fine when there were no income taxes, we did fine before the federal reserve, and I agree with hot head…be careful what you support so heavily before you view from all angles or you may end up being one who takes up arms against your fellow brothers.

  3. yoyowinderbean says:

    Maybe they should really make it voluntary by having people choose for themselves how much to actually give the government for the they give us in return. then we would likely find the real truth behind an absolutely free society. You would probably get a solution on universal healthcare in this situation as well as those in charge would need an answer. Those who give the most will still want the most. What’s next? I work hard for my singly earned, mostly spend cash from my employer. Let’s change the whole entier system and make a better wage for all in the above system. What are your talents?

  4. MV says:

    I have finally reached the ripe-old age of 70 years. I receive a pension and social security. At what age will I get a reprive from paying taxes? Does anyone know? I wound up on this page trying to find the answer. Thanks

    • jude says:

      I am retired .I receive a very small pension n social security.When do i get a repreive from paying taxes?

  5. Rose says:

    I just had to switch to single rate this year – I have twin 20 year olds living with me working part time and going to school part time – even though they help with rent alot, I still don’t know how I will afford this much coming out of my check. I don’t understand why the IRS says that they are not dependents if they don’t go to school full-time. (It would be even harder to make it if they did that.)

  6. Roy says:

    My wife made $22,800 in 2008 and had fed taxes of $1788 taken out. In 2009 she made about the same $ 22,073 but only $548 were taken out. She did not change jobs or her deductions. When she asked her HR they said it was the fed gov’t that let her take home more pay. (I heard that this was to be $10-$15 more a week—so it still don’t add up)
    This seems fishy to me….any thoughts??
    Thanks Roy

  7. h philips says:

    the time draws very near for the uprising we are promised in the constitution. lets “through the rascals out”.

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