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2009 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule

This page covers the 2009 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule. Here is the list of the 2010 Sales Tax Holidays [3].

With the economy in a funk and consumers looking to save as much as they can, one of the best ways to shave several percentage points off your purchase is to wait until a sales tax holiday! States started having sales tax holidays several years ago and discovered that a lot of people were taking advantage of them. It’s the perfect marriage of consumer saving money and their representatives earning brownie points for giving them that opportunity. Despite the numerous reports of state budget shortfalls, many of these sales tax holidays are still in effect. I don’t expect to see many state legislators introducing bills canceling “long” standing sales tax holidays!

There are typically three major types of sales tax holidays: hurricane preparedness, clothing and school supplies, and energy efficient appliances. Hurricane preparedness sales tax holidays usually occur in late April or May. Clothing and school supplies sales tax holidays are almost always in August, just before school starts. Energy efficient appliances are generally in the winter and have the longest periods, some as many as two months (West Virginia).

As always, residents of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon can skip this list because they don’t have a sales tax. 🙂

The state names link to the state’s Department of Revenue or some other resource that will fully explain every last painful detail of the tax holiday in that state, such as exceptions to the tax holiday.

And for those of you who live in Pennsylvania, consider yourself lucky as you have a clothing and footwear sales tax holiday from January 1st to December 31st!

If you’re curious how the sales tax holidays have changed, here is 2008’s sales tax holiday schedule [25].

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