2010 Federal Income Tax Brackets (IRS Tax Rates)

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Every year about this time, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases inflation data, specifically the CPI-U, experts from a variety of magazines and newspapers try to predict what the tax brackets will be the following year. This is possible because many figures in the tax laws are based on inflation, such as the standard deduction, contribution limits for Traditional and Roth IRAs, and the size and placing of the tax brackets themselves.

This year, the Tax Foundation is first out the gate with their prediction that everything will essentially remain the same as inflation was a mere 0.19%. When they performed this exercise in predicting the 2009 federal income tax brackets, they were 100% correct. I’m fairly confident that these numbers will be accurate when the IRS officially announces the tax brackets for 2010.

2010 IRS Tax Brackets

The below 2010 tax tables are the projected federal income tax brackets for 2010:

Tax Bracket Single Married Filing Jointly
10% Bracket $0 – $8,375 $0 – $16,750
15% Bracket $8,375 – $34,000 $16,750 – $68,000
25% Bracket $34,000 – $82,400 $68,000 – $137,300
28% Bracket $82,400 – $171,850 $137,300 – $209,250
33% Bracket $171,850 – $373,650 $209,250 – $373,650
35% Bracket $373,650+ $373,650+

Here are some other important non-tax bracket-related updates (until these are made official by the IRS, these are merely predictions by the experts). As expected, no (or very small) changes:

  • Standard deduction remains the same: The standard deduction for singles will remain at $5,700. For married filing jointly, the number will also remain at $11,400. If you are a Head of Household, it’s expected to increase by $50 to $8,400.
  • Personal exemption remains the same: The personal exemption will remain at $3,650.
  • Annual gift tax exclusion unchanged: For 2010, the current 2009 gift tax exclusion of $13,000 is expected to remain the same. The gift tax is how much you can give to someone else without any tax considerations.

For comparison, here are the 2009 Federal Income Tax Brackets and the 2008 Federal Income Tax Brackets.

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412 Responses to “2010 Federal Income Tax Brackets (IRS Tax Rates)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We make combined around 185K. There is a penalty tax we seem to hit so we can’t take too many deductions. At what income does this penalty begin? If we put more into our 401K could we fall under that bracket and be able to take more deductions? For example, I can’t claim my disabled mother as my dependent as that penalty kicks in.

  2. hh says:

    We make combined around 185K. There is a penalty tax we seem to hit so we can’t take too many deductions. At what income does this penalty begin? If we put more into our 401K could we fall under that bracket and be able to take more deductions? For example, I can’t claim my disabled mother as my dependent as that penalty kicks in.

  3. WESSR says:

    I have a question concerning my FED withholding on my paycheck, only $3.56 YTD so far, and I am claiming married & 1. I have been informed that there were new laws that took effect in April 2010 that affected a lot of people. My question is will this hurt me a the end of the year, thus I need to change my claim or leave as is?? Is there a $$ amount of earnings that have to be made for this to take effect? Because my wife’s FED taxes on her paycheck has remained the same and hasn’t been affected by these supposed new laws? She does make more emoney than I, so I’m thinking that may be the difference? Please enlighten me and thanks so very much!!!!

    • Katie says:

      I am not expert but in 2010 my husband & I had such a small amount of federal taxes taken out weekly because of the presidents desion to leave more in our weekly paychecks (which would have been maybe an additional $50/week) & it totally screwed us at the end of the year. We had to pay in so much because of that. I suggest you claim 0. I mean, i’d rather get money back than to have to pay in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why not have a flat tax. If you are in the 10%
    bracket you get taxed 10% of your gross.
    State tax could be 1%. If there were major reasons ( medical expenses, major losses due to fire, theft, major disaster ) you could appeal this abount, you could request a hearing and present your case.

    • Anonymous says:

      You must be an elderly person who has taken the benefit of mortage exempt his whole life, now don’t have it, and are ready to jump over to same flat tax for all, not allowing others to have the benefit you had on income tax. LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      Flat Taxes are awesome

  5. Chris says:

    The inflation rate this year is only 0.19%? Have they been to the grocery store this year?
    I realize most bureaucrats live on hot air but they ought to check food prices…

    • lps says:

      RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Arod says:

      I believe that Food and fuel prices are not included in the inflation calculation so the Feds can get away with saying iflations is low and they don’t have to pay an increase for those on Social Security.

    • BH says:

      And yet this is what the middle and low income pay most of there money on.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am tried of the idiots in D.C. WASTING MONEY

  7. Alan says:

    The way COLA’s are calculated is a joke. It excludes food and energy, the two things we all must have. In addition, I’m not sure it accounts for price increases in food achieved by reducing the amount in a package while keeping the price of the package the same. For example, Oreo cookies used to be 18 ounce packages for $3.19. Now they are 16.6 ounces for the same price or roughly one serving less.

    • jen says:

      wow! You get a COLA? Lucky you! Also, nobody is asking you to eat Oreo cookies and furthermore … that is highway robbery not a tax issue! But it irks me too!

      • guiness says:

        So, nobody asked him/her to eat Oreo cookies. The poster was making a point, and a good one at that.

        • ihatepoorpeople says:

          Oreo cookies are a luxury, not a right…get over the price. If it costs too much don’t buy them!

          • Anonymous says:

            You guys are idiots, the point he was making is that we are paying the same amount for less product. (not just oreos)…pay attention at the suppermarket, juice, cereal, cheases butter, flower, etc etc……more money….less goods is the point.

  8. cloud walker says:

    you know what? why is it when we pay more in taxes, it seems like we always get less in return. also isn’t it funny how the rich progressive politicians always say the rich don’t pay their fair share in taxes. maybe we need to audit those politicians who keep preaching that for there are a lot of politicians that are worth millions. the only way i see that everyone pays their fair share is to have the flat tax. that way, we can get rid of the I.R.S.

    • Bob says:

      because you continue to pay for all these welfare programs, and unnecessary ‘aid’ programs, and bs pork-barrel home state programs of Senators who move the issued money around. And health care projections, and gas tax, and … elect someone who will stop these or at least bring them down… good luck

      • MoeGreene says:

        and the bloated military!

        5x more than the next country and more than all other domestic spending combined. Why do we have to police the world? Meanwhile China and Brazil are building their infrastructure and investing in R&D and education. The military is the bihggest drain on our resources and tax $$.
        We are way overstretched and need to spend the $$ on our country’s future…

        • charles henry crain says:

          a flat tax benefits the rich and fleeses the poor. have you ever “discretionary income”.?
          that is the amount of money you can spend for non-essebtials after you pay for the essentials.

          who talks most of the flat tax? that smirkie faced Forbes. a flat tax for him would mean a windfall, but not you unless you are in the upper 1% of income earners. that is why they always say “be careful what you wish for” especialy when you haven’t done your homework. Look before you leap….into the abyss

  9. Anonymous says:

    why did congress get a big raise

    • Sosi says:

      That’s one question not a lot of people concern about. I wish more people ask this question. The congress know how to take care of themselves. So much for check and balance. I wish the congress raise and term limit decide by the US people instead of they decide for themselves.

      • jen says:

        How about voting for someone who will do this? Talk to your friends and be sure to vote!

        • REALITY says:


          You are 100% correct. The only way for the American economy to begin to recover is for the democracy to take action. I never thought I would hear a Congressman refuse to sign a bill because the opposite party had the executive branch. Sad, but true in the “ideal” nation.

  10. diane says:

    can you take off the money you give to a debt relief company and gas to go to and from work

  11. PARDEEP M BHATIA says:



    • ihatepoorpeople says:

      Come on…don’t you think that lower income groups get enough breaks! The wealthy pay most of the taxes and the less fortunate pay next to nothing AND get a tax refund!

      • REALITY says:

        You must be extremely uneducated to have that type of perspective. Anyone who has spent the time to learn anything about the American economy understands that the middle class and lower class groups barely survive even with government aid. If you are wealthy enough to be making this statement you probably don’t worry about putting food on the table for you children. With the way the economy has currently been (roughly a year and half) it is sad to witness such a selfish and foolish statement.

        • JDOG says:

          The rich do pay most of the taxes and the poor do get many breaks. Name one instance where a family starved to death in America because of poverty. Never happens. I’m tired of hearing ignorant remarks from people claiming that the poor are or even close dying in America. America is falling apart because of it’s gradual switch to socialism over the years. Government fails to provide over the long haul. The “can do” attitude is dying and the “please sir, I want some more” attitude is thriving. Take control of yourselves, the govt is not your daddy.

        • Bob says:

          yeh tell me that when welfare moms come in with thousands of dollars of gold, silver, thousand dollar cell phones, drive CTS and STS’s…don’t buy it anymore. The upper middle class and above pay the vast majority of the taxes. As for food on the table you ever check out what most welfare dollars pay for in most locals ???? not food, not milk, not necessities. think you are the one who doesn’t really know what is going on. I have to many acquaintance who work in the welfare system, issuing stamps, certificates and all and those who do spot checks and what you think is happening, isn’t !!!!!!! Make ALL walfare folks WORK for the money issued – don’t care doing what – completely bar them from using the mnoney for other than intneded and oh by the way why do some pay for the woman in Chicago with 8 kids who get $1500 per month, per kid, plus $1800 per month for her self who brags about how much ‘extra’ money she has to spend and why should she work when ‘them people will give it to me”…. ??????

          Me, I’d stop welfare checks, you want food get it from a food bank, check it out – NO MONEY issued, ya don’t need no damn cell phone, or gold teeth, or STS or……..

          • Byrd says:

            I don’t know what it is you think you know, but I was forced to lose everything after an accident. I served in the military, and have a degree! I also have 3 children to support and welfare has helped me to just survive. I had to attend classes that made someone as intelligent as I feel like I was in the 4th grade again, work for free 30 hrs a week and look for work, take stupid tests that my kids could pass. Meanwhile their dad gets to run from the law and do nothing. NOTHING. So guys, get pussy off your brain and stop making babies all over the place and that would solve the welfare crisis. What we go thru for $181 a month to survive off of, try it, then post your comment. I am offended by your remarks. Everyone isn’t in the same situation. I find the welfare system degrading. I dnt drive a cts, dts, or any of that. I have to open my rear doors from the inside for my children, driver window doesn’t work, missing a headlight, hell and more. I do think there are people that misuse every system but at the same time there are people that do right by it also. So don’t generalize, everybody wasn’t born with a silver spoon up their ass. I’m currently looking for work, sounds like you have all the answers. ARE YOU HIRING…p.s….i’m willing to relocate!!

          • Anonymous says:

            I AGREE!!!!! I think we should stop welfare completely, or pay them to pick trash up off the highways!! I’m tired of working hard so I can send such a large percentage of my check to the lazy leeches in the system.

          • Captain&T says:

            Do you donate to your local food bank? How much? How often? I am guessing no because you feel you “give” enough. Oh, and the day you can “make” someone do something, please let me know. What would be your monitoring system for keeping the “users” in check?

      • Anonymous says:

        Wish I made big bucks, I’d gladly pay more tax. Or pay more taxes for a well paying job. You people with the silver spoons in your mouth need to be a little less GREEDY. You can’t take it with you, although I do think one of you rich azz people will figure out a way some day, LOL

    • Bob says:

      actually they already pay at or less than this, so it gains them NOTHING !!!!!!!!

  12. The numbers don't lie says:

    Minimum wage has more disposable income than middle class..this article shows the numbers..and leaves out more advantages.

  13. Ken says:

    If you are self-employed and make under $40,000 you’re screwed.

    15% social security off the top. You can’t write off food, rent and utilities.

    Then the fica tax bracket, let’s say the 15%.

    Add state income tax 5%.

    State sales tax another 5%.

    Total 40% when you’re barely keeping your head above water.

  14. Ken says:

    If you are self-employed and make under $40,000 you’re screwed.

    15% social security off the top. You can’t write off food, rent and utilities.

    Then the fica tax bracket, let’s say the 15%.

    Add state income tax 5%.

    State sales tax another 5%.

    Total 40% when you’re barely keeping your head above water.

  15. c. mathews says:

    my husband is on disability and receives 1900.00 a month, 875.00 a month from retirement, and i earn 12,000 a year. is all the disability social security he received taxed? thanks

    • Byrd says:

      He earned it and he shouldn’t have to pay in anything? The government is like having a pimp. Why do we need them? We work and they get a cut of what we make. Seems like we are in the wrong line of business. Politics is where its at!!!!


    I just got my first lesson in how screwed up the progressve tax rate is. I am a senior in college and made $25,000 in 2010. I will only be getting a $500 return from Fed and $0 from state. Last year I only made $10,000 as a student and received back $800 from Fed and $300 from state. This makes absolutely no sense. A flat tax would be much better for our nation. Our nation was founded by entrepreneurial types of people, real pioneers. As an entrepreneur type myself I am a bit discouraged from going out and determining my own highest salary possible. I would almost prefer to make a decent salary then to go for the big bucks just to have more of it taken from me. Entrepreneurs create jobs for people. With this progressive tax being enforced, still, there will be less jobs available for the lower and middle class because the entrepreneurs are angry. I know I am.

  17. MittleClass says:

    I know there are people with real needs and we should help them. My only problem is on my way to work every day I pass through a known area where crack addicts hang out and most if not all of them are on some kind of government support. I have to pass a drug test to keep my job, why don’t they have to pass one to get government assistance?

    I’m just sayin’

  18. kit rodgers says:

    The new 2011 tax brackets are hurtful. I cannot afford to pay my bills because more money is going to pay my taxes. The amount taken each month is equivalent to a new car payment! I thought we were getting a tax break in 2011.

  19. ANN KETSDEVER says:

    I can’t figure out why the IRS is taking $40 more from my check. I can’t understand why? My friend just called and told me she’s losing $33 per month. Do you think they sent these notices out before they extended the “Bush tax rates?

  20. Eric says:

    It seems that this country likes to punish the people who try hard, get degrees, become successful because they just take from them and give to the worthless and lazy people who do nothing with what is given to them. Why not support the hard working and punish the weak? Why take from these smart and successful people to give to people who only blow what is given to them? I am always in line at grocery store and see people using thier indepedence cards to pay for it and yet they have fancy nails and shoes on driving very nice cars. Makes no sense

  21. carol says:

    My friend is 74 years old ..Does she have to file she is a widow and collects 1,120.oo a Month is all the income she has.. Can someone please answer this

    • Anonymous says:

      She should file because she will most likely qualify for EIC or some other benefits….might get back more money than she paid in. It’s at least worth looking into. Go to one of the free tax filing services online to see the outcome before making a decision.

  22. Anon76 says:


    No one is trying to punish you. You work hard to get a degree, you pay your dues…or do you?

    Did mom and dad pay for that college education, or did you get a student loan or grant? I can’t imagine that any teenager saves up enough money to get a college degree sans help.

    And while you are toiling away in the halls of acadamia, are your less fortunate classmates sitting idly by? Some, I’m sure, but others are toiling away building a work history. Slaving away at one, two or perhaps three jobs at a time. Ones you’d never even consider.

    Then after we claw our way up the corporate ladder on wits and hard work, you stroll in with your degree. Suddenly, I’m writing my own job description–a job I have done succesfully for years–and having to include that it requires a college degree of some sort. Most any degree in any subject will do.

    You see, this proves to upper management that you are willing to sacrifice years for your education. That you know what working is all about.

    Then three months later you still can’t figure out why being late to work habitually is a bad thing, in classes you could always catch up on the material. Nor why your peon co-workers making significantly less money than you won’t give you on the job training so you can take on THEIR jobs.

    And, sorry for the rant. The YOU is not you personally, Eric. Just my forty-nine year old self–who has been on the tax rolls since age 14 and under the radar at 12 and 13–in a fit of pique at the notion I’m LESS because I don’t have MORE.

  23. simple says:

    I made about $170000 and claim 0 deduction on my pay check…my wife makes $40000 and claim 0 as well…However we always end up paying thousand of dollars when we do tax return…we have one kid…but does not get any of our expanses back…I don’t mind paying more taxes…but can it be just simple…
    I think if you are super rich…you end up paying less, because probably own a business…and write off everything as business expenses….donate huge money to political party and get what you want to from politicians and write that off as well….Perhaps that is why nobody bother to make a simple tax laws……sorry just a rant..

  24. charles henry crain says:

    It amazes me how the greediest among us always find a way to justify their selfishness. but as they say “you reap wht you sow” (no pun intended, lol.)

    I never met a wealthy individual who made his own way, learn empathy unless a tax break was involved. None of you fool us.

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