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2011 Buffett Lunch at $2.345 Million, Four Days to Go

Recession? Not if you’re the type to bid on an eBay auction for lunch with Warren Buffett. The 2011 lunch for eight with Buffett [3] is now guaranteed to exceed all but last year’s top bid of $2.63 million and there are still three and a half days to go. Looking at the bidding [4], it appears to be a hot and heavy tussle between two bidders. It looks like someone put in a reserve and the other is probing to find out what the reserve seems to be, finally discovering that it’s at $2,000,000.

It’s now $280,633 short of last year’s mark, with the current bid at a cute $2,345,678 (couldn’t spare the 90 cents? or the extra ten million to complete the trend?), think we’ll break it?