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Sneak Peek: 2011 McDonald’s Monopoly Game Rules

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McDonalds Monopoly Game PieceEvery year, McDonald’s run their extreme popular McDonald’s Monopoly game. Every year, we take a crack at the run down to give you some information to help you beat the competition.

The game itself won’t start until September 20th but the 2011 rules are available, which means we can take a look at what’s new, what’s changed, and see if there’s anything we can do with it.


Just like last year, there’s a six day pre-promotion period where you get a sweepstakes entry for registering on the site. Then, on October 3rd, they pull a name out of a hat and that person wins a cool ten grand ($10,000). Not a bad prize for doing something you’d be doing anyway – register for their site.

Possible Prizes

The site also has a list of prizes, which very closely matches the instant win prizes from last year. We can probably assume this list is for all the instant win prizes available in the 2011 game (what we don’t know is how many of each will be awarded):

  • My Coke Rewards – 30 point bundles
  • Redbox movie rental
  • 20 Snapfish 4″x6″ digital prints, 11″x14″ poster, or 5″x7″ photo album
  • EA Sports Video game – a promotion code you can online for a free game
  • EA Sports $10 to spend online
  • EA Sports Ultimate Game Room – $2,000 gift card, 2 video game rockers, 2 autographed pieces of memorabilia, and 5 EA Sports games
  • EA Sports Fan Trip – trip for two to a championship or championship series game
  • EA Sports Lifetime of Games – eight EA Sports games a year for 50 years
  • Kinect for Xbox 360 – a 4GB Xbox 360, games, and a Kinect Sensor
  • SpaWish $20 or $200 gift certificate
  • $10 or $50 gift cards for gasoline
  • Trip to London – 4-day/3-night trip for winner and three guests to London between July 26th – August 12, 2012 for the London Olympics, tickets to two London 2012 Olympic Games events.
  • $5, $1,000, $5,000 Walmart Gift Cards
  • Beaches Resorts – 4-day/3-night vacation to Turks and Caicos or Jamaica for 2 adults, 2 children 15yrs or younger.
  • McDonald’s All-American High School Basketball games – 3-day/2-night trip for winner and three guests to the 2012 McDonald’s All American Games in Chicago on March 27th, 2012.
  • MY 12 Nissan Z® Coupe: A 2012 Touring Model with automatic transmission.
  • SL MY 12 Nissan LEAF™: A 2012 Model with charger plus standard home installation.
  • $50, $500, $10,000 and $25,000 cash

How does this compare to last year? The lower prizes are roughly the same. You can assume, despite it not being listed, that McDonald’s food will be included. There are far more EA Sports related prizes, including higher end ones for trips and “lifetime of games.” Last year, the only EA Sports prize was a game.

At the high end, there are fewer straight dollar prizes (last year there were $10,000 and $25,000 cash prizes – they have returned for this year). There are way more trips, like London for the 2012 Olympics, McDonald’s All American Basketball Game, and the like. Finally, the cars this year are not as sexy as the Shelby GT500 available last year (the Z Coupe is nice, but it’s not a Shelby GT500) but there are more of them available. There are four Nissan Z Coupe’s available (the Official Rules don’t actually list the Nissan LEAF, so it may be a typo in the first page).

The Rare Pieces

According to the rules, here are the rare pieces of each set. As is customary, the rare piece is the one that is listed last when put in order alphabetically (Boardwalk is the exception):

  • Mediterranean Avenue – 1 in approx. 61,811
  • Vermont Avenue – 1 in approx. 206,036
  • Virginia Avenue – 1 in approx. 2,472,425
  • Tennessee Avenue – 1 in approx. 2,060,354
  • Kentucky Avenue – 1 in approx. 77,263,275
  • Short Line Railroad – 1 in approx. 77,263,275
  • Ventnor Avenue – 1 in approx. 103,017,700
  • Pennsylvania Avenue – 1 in approx. 309,053,100
  • Boardwalk – 1 in approx. 618,106,200

In case you’re wondering, the odds of winning the $10,000 in Powerball is 1 in 723,144.64. You get better odds to win a $38,210 car… so if you’re a gambler, you’re better off going after Boardwalk than Powerball. 🙂

Once we get closer to the actual game launch, I’ll put out our regularly scheduled McDonald Monopoly post with more details.

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90 Responses to “Sneak Peek: 2011 McDonald’s Monopoly Game Rules”

  1. Wilma says:

    I’m not a trip or game person so the cash prizes, gas cards and Walmart cards would make me happy. I might like the cars too. I could trade it in on some thing I want. Now to win any of that would mean eating a lot of McD food. Does winning the prizes make me immune to the artery clogging effects of eating all that? Wouldn’t want to have a heart attack driving my new car around.

    • Alicia says:

      Well I work at mcdonalds and not everything on the menu is bad for you, its a matter of what you decide to order, i mean it is your choice….You dont even have to get food, you can just get pop, and if you dont want a pop fill it up with water…Your choice.

      • Lacey says:

        That’s kind of a senseless thing to say considering the fact that the topic of conversation is Monopoly. In order to get the game pieces you have to eat the most expensive fattening things on the menu. So, in this case I’d say it’s not really your choice if you’re playing the game.

        • Johnny Cash says:

          Well, you don’t need to order the most expensive fattening things on the menu.. you can just order a medium drink and/or a large fry.

    • YLIMAN says:

      hahaha, that’s funny.

  2. eric says:

    The only PF blogger I know with intimate knowledge of this game 😀

  3. saladdin says:

    Can’t wait for people to post their phome numbers again. I love prank calls.

  4. Yarn Bomber says:

    McDonald’s Monopoly is one of my guilty pleasures. I win a lot of free food. One year, I had a cycle going: I won one sandwich, and that burger had a winning value meal on it. Every one I redeemed got me another free food thing.

    I don’t recommend redeeming them all at the same McDonald’s. They will think you’re cheating. I convinced them I was magic.

  5. Yarn Bomber says:

    Oh, yeah. And inside the restaurant, ask people for their stamps. Many people don’t care, so they’re happy to pass along their trash.

    • Yeah, I’m one of those people. I check to see if there’s a cash/food prize or a Boardwalk, but I’ll gladly give you my Baltic Avenue – I just don’t eat at McDs enough to put together winning combos.

  6. skylog says:

    thank you for the post. i like seeing all the numbers spelled out. it shows just how are hard it would be to win anything.

  7. Need Boardwalk says:

    i got the Bolardwalk piece, anyone got Boardwalk piece? split 50-50 massage me back my email

  8. Tarah says:

    You got boardwalk?

  9. anon says:

    “In case you’re wondering, the odds of winning the $10,000 in Powerball is 1 in 723,144.64. You get better odds to win a $38,210 car… so if you’re a gambler, you’re better off going after Boardwalk than Powerball.”

    I think you’re having problems counting the commas, so lets change it to ‘K’ for thousand and ‘M’ for million

    Powerball odds to win 10K = 1 out of 723K
    McDonalds odds to win nissan z (38k) = 1 out of 154M
    Powerball odds to win 200K = 1 out of 5M
    Powerball odds to win grand prize (currently 54M) = 1 out of 195M
    McDonalds odds to win 100K = 1 out of 485M

    You get way better odds by playing Powerball.

  10. Anonymous says:

    How do I get my price once I have all same color tickets?

  11. D says:

    Hi guys my email is If you guys are serious, contact me.

    The complete sets I have are

    Park Place(#341)

    Indiana Avenue(#333) & Illinois Avenue(#334)

    St. James Place(#329) & New York Avenue(#331)

    Pacific Avenue(#338) & North Carolina Avenue (#339)

    For those sets above, I am willing to split the prizes.

    The following pieces I have for trade.
    Yellow – Marvin Gardens (337)
    Orange – New York Avenue (331)
    Pink – States Avenue (327)
    Blue – Park Place (341)
    Green – Pacific Avenue (338)
    Reading Railroad & B&O Railroad

    Ones that I am looking for are
    Kentucky Avenue
    Pennsylvania Avenue
    Tennessee Avenue

    Again serious offers only. Thanks.

  12. Lorael says:

    we have parkplace #341

    very serious with someone who has #342 (boardwalk)

    contact us @

    thank you

  13. Sonya says:

    How can you win if you go throu the drive thru and none of your items contain a game piece????

  14. levii says:

    I have boardwalk does anyone have park place?

  15. Anonymous says:

    for every1 trying 2 trade for a rare piece stop trying. i have all but the rare ones listed above. duplicates of parkplace, ect. its sad 2 think that 1 boardwalk was probbly thrown away 🙁

  16. levii says:

    I’ll suck someones dick for Ventnor Ave.

  17. becca says:

    I have a park place. we need to make this happen lol….. seriously

  18. devi says:

    I need board walk I have other pieces I will trade for it all I need is one more of each piece to win will someone trade me??? Email me at

  19. khalil ricks says:

    i got park place any1 got boardwalk can contact me at im readii to make a deal

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why would someone sell their RARE piece, or even bargain 50/50 for it? It’s RARE! That means the other pieces are common. If someone found a rare piece, they can easily go find a common piece and not split their prize at all. No sense whatsoever!

  21. thaya says:

    I have park place.Anbody with boardwalk email me.

  22. Andy says:

    You idiots realize that buying, trading, trading, selling, and combining game pieces excludes you from winning right? HAHA FAIL…

  23. mandy says:

    I need Ventnor Ave, Kentucky Ave, Short Line Railroad, Penn Ave. Please email me if you would like to give any pieces away or trade. Thanks.

  24. Georgy says:

    Yes I Have Park Place.. Mostly every piece but the rare ones.

  25. Anonymous says:

    My daughter came to me with the bordwalk didn’t understand the game throw it out in garbage

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