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Sneak Peek: 2011 McDonald’s Monopoly Game Rules

Every year, McDonald’s run their extreme popular McDonald’s Monopoly game [3]. Every year, we take a crack at the run down to give you some information to help you beat the competition.

The game itself won’t start until September 20th but the 2011 rules are available [4], which means we can take a look at what’s new, what’s changed, and see if there’s anything we can do with it.


Just like last year, there’s a six day pre-promotion period where you get a sweepstakes entry for registering on the site. Then, on October 3rd, they pull a name out of a hat and that person wins a cool ten grand ($10,000). Not a bad prize for doing something you’d be doing anyway – register for their site.

Possible Prizes

The site also has a list of prizes, which very closely matches the instant win prizes from last year. We can probably assume this list is for all the instant win prizes available in the 2011 game (what we don’t know is how many of each will be awarded):

How does this compare to last year? The lower prizes are roughly the same. You can assume, despite it not being listed, that McDonald’s food will be included. There are far more EA Sports related prizes, including higher end ones for trips and “lifetime of games.” Last year, the only EA Sports prize was a game.

At the high end, there are fewer straight dollar prizes (last year there were $10,000 and $25,000 cash prizes – they have returned for this year). There are way more trips, like London for the 2012 Olympics, McDonald’s All American Basketball Game, and the like. Finally, the cars this year are not as sexy as the Shelby GT500 available last year (the Z Coupe is nice, but it’s not a Shelby GT500) but there are more of them available. There are four Nissan Z Coupe’s available (the Official Rules don’t actually list the Nissan LEAF, so it may be a typo in the first page).

The Rare Pieces

According to the rules, here are the rare pieces of each set. As is customary, the rare piece is the one that is listed last when put in order alphabetically (Boardwalk is the exception):

In case you’re wondering, the odds of winning the $10,000 in Powerball [5] is 1 in 723,144.64. You get better odds to win a $38,210 car… so if you’re a gambler, you’re better off going after Boardwalk than Powerball. 🙂

Once we get closer to the actual game launch, I’ll put out our regularly scheduled McDonald Monopoly post with more details.

(Photo: sundazed [6])