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2011 Post Office Closure List: USPS to Shutter 3653 Locations

It was only a matter of time before the USPS was going to have to change the way it did business. There was talk of canceling Saturday delivery [3], which had the potential to save $2 billion. Earlier this year, the Post Office announced that it would close [4] “thousands” of locations and now that has come to fruition. Postmaster General Patrick Donohue listed the list earlier today as part of the announcement of their “expanded access” program – which would put more locations in businesses, town halls, grocery stores, and community centers.

No post office will be closed, just “branches” and “stations,” which are supposedly smaller and have no mail processing facilities (and sometimes no carriers). The full list of “affected areas” can be found here [5]. Not all the locations listed are slated for closure, they’re just going to be “investigated.”

While I feel bad for the staff of the post offices being closed, it’s hard to argue against the ones they chose. Over three thousand of them generated less than $27,500 in annual revenue, which equates to fewer than two hours of workload a day. That’s a clear indicator that those post office locations are probably not critical, if they generate fewer than $27,500 a year. Another 385 will be closed not because they didn’t make enough money, but because there were too many “locations” nearby (at least five within 2 miles). Now, locations include stamp kiosks but those 385 generated less than $600,000 in annual revenue. Finally, 188 had less than a million in revenue and 5+ locations within half a mile.

The bigger question is whether it’ll work.