2012 IRS Tax Brackets

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Tax BracketsNow that we’re in the heart of tax season and the tax brackets for the current calendar year have been finalized, I’m ready to take off the “sneak peek” off the label for the 2012 IRS tax brackets. Our original figures were not off, the 2012 tax brackets were exactly how we predicted and that’s in part because we knew what inflation would be (and it’s effects on our tax structure).

The current tax brackets, that is the tax brackets that are in effect for the 2012 tax year, can be found on this archived page for 2011 tax brackets. These apply for tax year 2011, which you are preparing for today. The rates below will apply when you go to file your taxes in 2013. I know it’s confusing but this is how the cool tax kids talk about it.

2012 IRS Tax Brackets

Below are the official 2012 tax rates broken down by tax bracket and filing status (single, married filing jointly, and head of household):

Tax Bracket Single Married Filing Jointly Head of Household
10% Bracket $0 – $8,700 $0 – $17,400 $0 – $12,400
15% Bracket $8,701 – $35,350 $17,401 – $70,700 $12,401 – $47,350
25% Bracket $35,351 – $85,650 $70,701 – $142,700 $47,351 – $122,300
28% Bracket $85,651 – $178,650 $142,701 – $217,450 $122,301 – $198,050
33% Bracket $178,651 – $388,350 $217,451 – $388,350 $198,051 – $388,350
35% Bracket $388,350+ $388,350+ $388,350+

The brackets are slightly higher compared to last year, to account for inflation, but aren’t much of an increase. The brackets themselves have not changed though they may at the end of this year since the Bush tax cuts are expiring, after a two year extension.

Capital Gains Rates

The capital gains rates did not change from last year to this year, they remain:

  • Short term capital gains: Taxed at your rate for ordinary income (so your tax bracket rate).
  • Long term capital gains: If you are in the 10% or 15% tax bracket, your rate is 0%. Otherwise, 15%.

In 2013, these rates are set to increase. In 2013, and beyond, you will be taxed at 10% if you are in the 15% tax bracket and 20% in all higher tax brackets.

Other Changes

There are other notable increases as well, including an increase in the personal and dependency exemption to $3,800, an increase in the standard deduction for single filers to $5950 and for married filing jointly will increase to $11900.

The next question is how these brackets will be affected by upcoming legislation for 2013.

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92 Responses to “2012 IRS Tax Brackets”

  1. Natalie says:

    Taxes are way too fucking high. The government has run ramped with our money. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!! I don’t hear any other candidate talking about lowering taxes for anyone but the elite.

    • Bryon says:

      Dear Natalie,

      First off let me just say, using the work “fucking” to describe the current tax rates makes you sound immature and illogical. You’re firey response nuetralizes your arguement as well as the all capital lettered support for Ron Paul. For your information we are in an economic depression, and in case you didn’t know our country is currently at 15.5 trillion (thats 14 zeros) dollars in debt, the last thing this country needs are lower taxes and more spending, by lowering taxes (revenue) and uping spending (expenses) you only continue to raise the debt. The solution is an unpopular one, higher taxes and less spending, more revenue means a surplus is created, the more surplus money you have the faster you can pay off the debt. Also I thought you should know that Ron Paul is in dead last for the Presidency with a mere 67 delegates, when he requires over 1,000 in other words, he should drop out rather than clog up the process any longer.

      • Jen says:

        To address Bryon,

        To be fair, your grammatical errors make your response just as immature and illogical. I hate to toss around the First Amendment, but it does give the lady the right to utilize whatever adjectives she feels expresses her point. Is it really worth the time to insult her? Furthermore, while you are entitled to your opinion, it is my opinion that the day we say “he’s last in the race; he should just drop out” is the day we give up on any hope of a true democracy.

        As for the blame issue, we need to stop pointing the finger at each other. We the people of the United States are so busy scapegoating the rich that we haven’t really looked at what our politicians are doing behind all their speech-making. Nor, in my humble opinion, have we really looked at a solution to the debt crisis. Because I’m sorry, but “LOWER SPENDING! HIGHER TAXES!” is easier said than done.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Bryon,

        FUCK YOU!
        You should learn to write correctly before admonishing others for being immature.
        You sound like a whining little hall monitor “for your information.”

        • tiffy says:

          LOL @ Byron seriously. freedom of Speech you sound like you work in the white house. Further more we dont want to hear about the debt etc, obviously you are one of the rich; we in the lower classes feel a direct hit of the taxes being raised.
          When you are making (this is just an example 1million a year and pay 200k in taxes its nothing but when you make 32k a year and pay 3-4k in taxes and only get back 1500 or lower like me its a hard hit. So take all your political talk and eat it.
          And yes my grammer and spelling are “throwed off slightly Bro”

          • Erika says:

            I hate to point this out to you but If someone making a $1,000,000 pays $200,000 they are paying 20% in taxes! You make $32,000 a year and pay only $1500 (cause if you pay 3k and get back 1500 thats what that means) you are only paying 4.7%!!
            Exactly how does that breakdown as FAIR?

      • Matt says:

        Dear Byron,
        More revenue is not what are country needs and raising taxes would send us to another recession. We need to lower taxes to a reasonable level, not Ron Paul’s level. The Ryan budget would accomplish that and the Ryan budget is the budget all of the serious Republican presidential candidates have backed. Byron, you should move to Europe to see what it’s like when Governments decide they need to increase revenue.

      • Kevin says:

        Bryon, in your effort to come off educated, you really come off arrogant and ignorant. For your information, I think everyone knows we are in a recession. Your solution is just that – YOUR solution (and one that one party agrees with) it is not the only one. Lower taxes to spur the economy is definitely valid. Raising taxes during a recession can have even worse consequences. Point being- don’t talk like your opinion is fact. Doing so is immature and highly illogical.

        • Jake says:

          To be fair, I think all of you are equally stupid. I worked on the Ron Paul campagin in ’08 (ah…youthful idealism and ignorance) and here’s the major problem with his campaign.

          He has quite a few GREAT ideas…unfortunately each one of those great ideas has 6 or 7 batshit insane ideas to go along with them. As well, his most vocal supporters are some of the most paranoid, conspiratorial, tin-foil hat wearing crazies I’ve ever seen.

          PS: We’re all arguing on the internet, which means we’re all morons.

  2. scooter says:

    hat do you mean !!!!!!!!!! 90% of Americans forget they get most or MORE than they paid in ….!!!! Im tired of hearing people bitchy when in reality ..

  3. Michael says:

    Economics 101: The only way to decrease debt is to decrease spending or increase income. What that means for our country…spend less or tax more. Our country’s economy is in a world of hurt with our debt and some people forget that sacrifices need to be made to fix the problem. That means choosing between all of the great social programs our government offers or the big tax refund check you get every year—because you cannot have both. Unfortunately, what has been happening is the lower 90% of Americans (me included) receive their check and their social programs while the upper 10% pay for everything. This form of economic thought and practice is not sustainable. Let’s take notes from our friends across the pond and start taking measures to avoid that catastrophe before we follow in their footsteps.

  4. Pam says:

    You know everybody want s to blame some body else for the way the Economy is, well let just point the finger where it needs to be pointed the RICH! that right I said the RICH they get richer, useing whatever and whom ever they can to make more money for themselves. What happen to American made.Look at the label on products that we buy It’s not made in American.NO Factory NO JOBS! That is just fact! no one weants to stop and look at what is really going on in American today. It’s called watch the RICH GET RICHER by any means neccessary. we’ll will just put everybody on welfare. over crowed the shelter who cares. Forget about the all of the soldier who gave thier lives so we can be free, Free to rundown each other, free to steal ,rob, free to killed,free to keep the drug dealer free, free to make the Rich Richer,free to keep God out,free to be to dum to know that we are not free because as a whole we are in so much debt that we have the whole world fooled. Why right here in American the land of the free, Home of the brave,is not so free or so brave, because if we were, there wouild be label that read made in American, what happen! We stop believing in GOD WE TRUST, that is what this country was built on,trusting on each other with Gods help.WE need factory here in the Untied States to provide jobs for people here, not sweat shops in china, it should be a law against that.BRING THE JOBS BACK TO U S A. Toys should be made here, parts for machines should be made here in the good ole U S A, our clothes should be manufactured here in U S A. We need factory here!

    • Rob says:

      Kudos to the emotionally driven post. Unfortunately, emotional responses to serious problems never work. Here are a some thoughts for you to ponder.

      Define “rich” and “fair share”. An individual living in poverty in the US is considered “rich” when compared to the rest of the world.

      The top 1% of wage earners paid 40% of all federal income taxes in 2010.

      The bottom 49.5% paid NO federal income tax. None, Nada, Zip, Zilch. Many actually RECIEVED MORE MONEY BACK THAN THEY PAID. (earned income credit)

      Is the total sum of wealth in the US static? In other words, if individual A earns 1 dollar then individual B loses 1 dollar?

      The US has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world(25%), Which is passed on to the consumer.

      True free market capitalism is vastly different from crony capitalism.

      Four things are holding this country back: continuous wars, govt overregulation/interference in the free markets, the IRS, and federal entitlement programs. Notice the underlying theme in all of these is government.

      Take the time to read two books. Economics in one Lesson by Hazlett and The Law by Bastiat. Also, search youtube for Milton Friedman.

      • John H says:

        Well said Bob,it appears many on this post are showing emotion instead of fact. People, LOOK at the facts! Simple,basic economics 101.You can’t spend what you don’t have.This country needs leadership to dig us out of this calamity,if not we’re going to go down the same path as Greece. Wise up, you make Americans look stupid.

      • Cali says:

        Rob, please excuse me, but I need to clear something up.

        “The bottom 49.5% paid NO federal income tax. None, Nada, Zip, Zilch. Many actually RECEIVED MORE MONEY BACK THAN THEY PAID”

        Many people in the bottom 50% (yes I rounded) do pay their income taxes, myself included. I made my little 24,000 last year and paid my 15% income tax. I actually had about 23% taken out from my paychecks and after calculating tax return it ended up that I paid 15%, just like my tax bracket says.

        It is very ignorant to make such a misguided statement. Yes, their are people that get back more then they should and even those that get back more then they put in and this should not be allowed to happen, but to say that the “bottom 49.5%” do not pay their federal income tax is very deluded.

    • Anonymous says:

      you spelled “dumb” wrong…classic

    • John says:

      You can blame all the unions and liberals for nothing being made in the united states anymore. Companies do not want to pay union workers union salaries that they get because liberals told them they deserve their salaries. If an iPhone was made in the united states it would cost around $1,000. So now that you’ve been educated, stop blaming the rich, it’s not their fault and it never has been. If you want American made items across the board, the unions are gonna have to go. It’s the same reason a shitty Chevy Camaro costs 23000 for a base model and they’re trucks cost over 30000 for a decent one not those stupid regular can trucks who the fuck wants to drive one of those. So get rid of the unions and stop spreading lies about the rich because they pay 47 percent of the income tax bill on April 16th.

      • Gary L. Bunten says:

        If you were a union member you would pay $1000.00 for that iPhone if it was made in the USA. But obviously you have a great job with terrific pay, great benefits, and most of all the ability to negotiate those benefits with your employer. I take it you don’t drive a Chevy.

      • JD597 says:

        John you are so wrong it is not even funny. Liberals don`t say we deserve them. Our quality of work of doing it right the first time makes it us worth our salaries. We go through training classes that makes us better in what we do. Not like non-union that take them like two or three times to get it right. So have you ever heard the saying “THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER”? Probably not in your case. You also said it`s not the rich peoples fault. Well they sure as hell not the solution. The rather pay you $5.00 an hour or make the stuff overseas than pay an American worker a livable wage. I think you need to be educated and stop spreading lies for big business and the rich.

        • PJM says:

          I love the hollier than now talk from the unions they are always trained better, do better work, etc. etc…. Yet when you go by a union job they are just sitting around or always doing the bare minimum that their contract says. I have friends in the union, it is a joke and they know it too. Unions should not be in the US government, the government should take an average of salaries from the private sector to gage payment of governement employees. I could care less about the private sector they made their bed now they have to lay in it. The problem is corporate tax rates and regulations, that is what drives jobs overseas. Not the rich. If the so called rich were not driven by profit and sales, your 401k, stocks or any other investment would suck because the things that drive your investment portfolio up is profit.

    • Eric says:

      Although your post has some valid points, I find a good portion of it “out of touch” and simply put, unrealistic. Based on your spelling and inability to properly form a sentence to effectively get your point across, it appears that the public school system has failed you miserably. I find it funny that you accuse someone of being “to dum,” yet the dumbest part of that statement is your spelling. There is even a neat tool called “spell check” specifically designed for challenged folks such as yourself. It will enable you to communicate with others without sounding “dum”. If you sound moderately educated, more people will listen. It’s people like you that contribute to the downfall of this once great country. Have you ever heard people from other countries refer to Americans as, “Dumb Americans”? I think they may have a valid point. Dumb Americans are always the first ones in line to complain and LOVE to hear themselves speak. Hey, maybe this is a small reason why this country is in the shape that it is. When elementary school children in China are learning college level calculus, American kids are are being rewarded and praised for being mediocre. Everyone gets a trophy, right? It’s more than acceptable to be “good enough,” while putting forth barely enough effort to just get by in life. If you strike out, it’s cool man….the Government will take care of you anyway. Someone will always be there to catch you. You can always get a piece of that free cheese, right? You have to love those hand outs! Change starts with US, not by simply complaining about it and expecting someone else to fix it. You are going to either be part of the problem, or part of the solution. If you want things to be different, get off your behind and act. Most of the wealthy people in this country are rich for a reason. They got off their behind and acted instead of just complaining. They contributed to society instead of looking for hand outs and sucking on others like a leach. If you punish the rich for working hard by crippling them and their businesses through extreme taxation where are Americans going to work? Who do you think employs Americans? Wealthy business owners!!! A great solution for you is a socialist society. No thanks, I would rather take a stab at the “American Dream” and be rewarded for my efforts. Fourth place shouldn’t get a trophy. No one is entitled to free hand outs. You either do, or do not do.

      • Emily says:

        Sorry, but Europeans have been referring to Americans as “dumb” and “ugly” since the late 17th century. It was around that time that we began to see ourselves as superior to others; that we began to confuse nationalism with patriotism and xenophobia with love. Where exactly did you get your information about elementary school children in China learning calculus? I saw no such thing the last time I was in Guangdong. And I work with children, which is one of the things that irritated me about what you wrote–you made so many false assumptions. Do you seriously think hard work results in wealth? What’s so hard and sad is that you may well be among those who has toiled your whole life with little to show for it. Or maybe you’re a kid who has just had your head filled with all these ridiculous assumptions and prejudices–beginning with hate for the poor. It dates back to the Calvinists, who believed wealth on earth was evidence of God’s beneficence. THAT belief is one of the reasons that Europeans sneer at us and think we’re fools. They hate us for being so utterly without compassion. Can you really be unschooled enough to think that Europeans sneer at us because of our social programs? They sneer at us because we have some of the most advanced medical care in the world, but we allow people to die at the doors of our hospitals because they don’t have insurance. We allow people to go without simple medications for the same reason. We’re one of the richest countries in the world, but the only nation that has a higher illiteracy rate than ours is South Africa (which ought to tell us something). If, as you say, Chinese kids are better educated than ours, it’s because the adults have more respect for education than our adults have for education. If people are without jobs, it isn’t because of taxation on the rich. It’s because the people of our country, rich and poor, have given their lives and TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS for the past eleven years to TWO SIMULTANEOUS WARS. That is what we call “the elephant in the room”–the true thing that shattered our economy.

        • Seth says:

          “It’s because the people of our country, rich and poor, have given their lives and TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS for the past eleven years to TWO SIMULTANEOUS WARS.”

          I am surprised that with all of the self declared political and economic experts that it took so long for someone to finally acknowledge this.

    • Kendall says:

      Jealous much? Get over your little whiny self and stop being so jealous of people that make money by earning it. This country was built on INDIVIDUAL freedom and nothing else with God’s blessings. We are not in debt because of rich people we are in debt because of politicians and wanting votes period.

    • kim says:

      who do you think gives you a job dumbass? it is the rich

  5. Lynda says:

    Regarding the income bracket table…is the income AGI, MAGI or Taxable income?

  6. j says:

    Yeah taxes are really high. Im a small business. Gross reciepts are 198000 last year. After cost factors it says i made 78000. My tax for that is 32000 bucks. Oh and btw i work 6 days a week roofing in the sun and rain. killing myself slowly. Geee thanks, i really dont get shit at the end. All my money goes to rent and i dont even own a car besides my work truck. Go figure right…. try do something productive and it doesnt matter anyway. How could i even hire a helper, they want 25% for workers comp on top of his pay. This country is doomed

    • David says:

      J, You need a new CPA to prepare your taxes and give you advice on tax avoidance. H & R is good for a W-2 employee, but you need serious counseling.

    • Rich says:

      Hey J, I’m a business owner as well. I don’t know alot about taxes cause it’s to confusing, but it sounds like you need a better accountant, my account show’s me how and what to “write-off” that’s allowable to me, per IRS standards. there’s many things you can write-off, i.e. mileage, lunch/dinner(if on duty of course about 1/2 to be percise), clothing (as long as it’s related to work), if you do paper work in your house(home office %)or pay rent to store equiptment (usually 100%) write-off, if you have an office (100% write-off) expenses like buying tools (nails and such) also workers comp is a write-off as well. anyway good luck and search for a better accountant.

      • Jerry Chin says:

        great tips Rich! Almost anything you pay for in the conduct of your business is a legitimate business expense. You just need to know how to categorize and document it. If you need help with your taxes let me know.

    • Rich says:

      Sorry I forgot, open a retirement acct you can offset your taxes on your final taxable income, your bracket is 33%: example: let’s say you put $5000 into retirement acct you would save based on 33%; $1,650 more money for you later on… good luck!
      The math would be $5000(.33) = $1,650.00 also a plus you’d have more $$ for retirement. cheer’s

  7. Jim says:

    Our government doesn’t need more in taxes to solve this problem, as it’s clear they’ll only squander the new revenue as much as they waste the current revenue. There’s no incentive for the various government agencies to reduce cost until they’re forced to deal with a limited budget. It’s mind boggling to hear how our tax dollars are exploited and abused by those elected to serve our country… there must be at least 50% that could be recovered if scrutinized under a microscope.

  8. Tom says:

    The 1% rich people don’t earn enough in a year to cover the government’s yearly deficit spending, even if they took all their income for the year. The big money is in the middle class, so they have to either cut spending or raise taxes on every body. My guess, they will cut spending so little that the deficit will still keep rising and they will raise everyones taxes.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I believe the dollar range shown in the table refers to taxable income. But the percentage shown in the table is usually not the actual tax rate you will be required to pay on that taxable income. You will probably pay a lower percentage on your taxable income than the percentge shown in the table here.
    Just look at your tax return for last year.

  10. Mrs. M says:

    I think that we need a flat tax across the board for everyone to be fair (with NO loopholes or exceptions). We do need to get rid of many unions plus Americans are going to have to be willing to work for good, but not outrageous salaries. That is why many of our jobs have gone to other countries. Regulations on Gov. jobs need to be changed also. Too many people on their overall payroll because they can’t be fired. Earmarks should be banned! The Gov. is wasting our tax money to fund research for shrimp on treadmills, and monkeys hurling waste at each other, really? One last note, SS and Medicare need to be revamped (get rid of all the waste and fraud) NOT discarded and replaced with Obamacare or whatever. Too many people have paid into and depend on that money. Just my thoughts ways to reduce taxes.

  11. Scott says:

    Mrs. M, I agree, there just needs to be a fair flat tax for everyone. Get rid of all these loopholes and crap and just make everyone pay a specific percentage of income. Our tax code is entirely out of control and favors the rich in so many ways, it isn’t funny.

    If you are earning your money strictly through the stock market (hi Romney, I’m talking about you), you still pay your flat %.

    Things are so out of control. The government needs to stop saying they need to tax the rich more, it’s just political talk for taxing the middle class. The 1% aren’t earning their money through payroll to be taxed.

  12. Brenna says:

    I am not shocked at these taxation crazed officials,I have lived in a place that has the highest property tax in the state and just seen the toll prices go up and 30. flush tax and 8% increase in water utility while all the while been battling to keep the electric on.Property values down so to offset the loss they raise property taxes again.I know that our intelligent and well read knows that it was long coming and that all that we have paid before this crisis was just as a previous comment,sqaundered while the big chiefs gave themselves raises and meanwhile infastructure is breaking down and time has run out,lets make up the change by taking that few dollars more that you may sacrifice at the pump and since the economy seems to be stable,lets take that extra few dollars from what may be a luxury in some peoples eyes is truly a rare occasion to a less fortunate child.It bad that we are in this situation and thank heaven it’s the gov. because I know they would have been fired where I work.Whatever…..Just take our medicine and shut up????

  13. GhostofBryon says:

    Can we get Bryon’s take on this? We need to know if your stance has changed now. and please Bryon proofread your work before you post it.

    *by the way, please disregard any grammatical errors in this post. Thanks!

  14. Steve says:

    33% tax rate… and what does the money go to? Those that do not work.

    I’m fine with paying taxes but there is no reason that I should pay in taxes more than most households make a year.

    A flat tax would be nice or a fair tax on our purchases.

  15. Bryon says:

    I’m a total dumbass. To be honest, I don’t even understand what the hell any of this is. I’m just a 16 year old troll. Hahaha, you all fell for it real good.

    • tiffy says:

      @byron well if your 16 then you have no damn idea what the hell your talking about.. I hardly think your 16 more like 36 talking like a 16 year old how pathetic..

      Did I see this correct So millionares only pay 35% the same as someone making 388K WTF

      35% Bracket $388,350+ $388,350+ $388,350+ how come this doesnt go up every few K like this

      15% Bracket $8,701 – $35,350 $17,401 – $70,700 $12,401 – $47,350

      25% Bracket $35,351 – $85,650 $70,701 – $142,700 $47,351 – $122,300

  16. Stephen says:

    @Lynda I believe this would represent taxable income.

  17. Mary says:

    Who exactly is trying to pay off govt debt? All I can see is some are trying to keep the others from spending another trillion per year (president’s budget) for the next 10 yrs. Check CBO report if that sounds unbelievable. I understand math a little. Buffet Rule? Secretary pays more than billionaire even though billionaire’s tax eate is 30+% and secretary’s is probably 20+%. Exactly how will raising tax on everyone making $250k and above change that? I suppose because if you make a whole lot, like millions you have tax shelters & loop holes. Us regular people don’t have nice things like that, so point is those making a whole lot will still pay less than his secretary. Why would I be For the upper middle class being taxed more while billionaires still get out of it? I’m definitely NOT for raising taxes. Are we really that gullible? New agencies with thousands of people hired, who aren’t govt employees, but we pay them too w/no govt oversight? The pres won’t lead, senate refuses to do their jobs until 2013. In the meantime agencies are throwing away our hard earned money like its going out of style? No New Taxes for them to blow!

  18. Max says:

    Lots of these post make really great points. It is disheartening that most of the replies are critics of an author’s grammar or spelling. A common montra in this thread is that the rich employ the poor. I do not disagree with this fact, but the rich also tend to be the people who have multiple houses and yatchs. If the addititional yatch is more important to a person than there employee’s ability to eat, then maybe there is truth to the argument that the wealthy is what is wrong with our country. The poor do not put nothing into society. The poor pay taxes on 100% of there income. They pay sales tax, property tax (if there lucky), excise taxes on gas, cigerettes, and alcohol, and a plethra of other taxes not defined as income tax. Yes, the rich pay these too, but they also don’t have to be poor. The wealthy recieve the most from living in our society, they get to be wealthy.

  19. FarmerB says:

    @ Max, who may I ask built the yatch & houses ?
    When was the last time any of you went to a town meeting, thats were it starts.

  20. Sensai says:

    Mary, Warren Buffet pays 15% in taxes, probably less through exploitation of “loop-holes.” His money comes from investments (capital gains) not from a payroll; 1099 as described above, that’s why it appears he pays less in taxes than his secretary. The media and certain liberal groups are spinning it, because they know the uniformed masses will take up the agenda on their behalf. It’s apples and oranges. She is not paying more money in taxes, just a higher percentage. A “Buffet” rule would significantly reduce individual savings. It’s not a loop-hole, it’s an incentive to save for your future. I don’t want a handout from the government, and I don’t want to be punished for being responsible either. Get informed and scrutize the information you receive. Don’t be a drone of the political and ideological by regurgitating misinformation.

  21. rp says:

    are tax brackets figured using gross income or taxable income.

  22. Sunny says:

    Oh boy! This is waste of my time reading everyone’s comments. I should be out running or something!

  23. Emily says:

    I am in the 35% tax bracket. My accountant can wiggle me down to 17%, which is about what poor people pay, and that is true for most of my friends who live the way I do. Anyone who argues that the upper 1% pay 47% of taxes is manipulating statistics. That can’t possibly be true. There are far too many write-off’s; no one in the upper brackets actually pays at the rate at which they’re expected. And here’s the other problem: free markets are the best idea in the world, but free markets never remain free. They always turn into monopolies. At this moment in the US, we are one big oligopoly. The only way you stop that from happening is with government intervention. Otherwise, you get a few monoliths that take over, go wink, wink with each other, and do things like farm out for overseas workers they can abuse. (Sugar companies in Florida actually bring people up from Haiti to harvest cane). Does anyone think the airlines or the phone company were really freed up after de-regulation? Does anyone think they were really improved for the consumer? Did prices go down due to competition? Did service improve due to competition? I used to love flying before deregulation. Now I detest it. It’s almost impossible to get direct flights anywhere–the airlines don’t cooperate with each other–the last thing they care about is the customer. How about flu shots–all the times we’ve run out? It isn’t profitable to produce them, so none of the companies do it of their own volition. If you leave everything up to competition, free markets don’t take care of everything. You end up not having enough flu shots because no one wants to manufacture them. The government has to intervene. The government has to see to it that someone makes them. I don’t understand why people in this country have grown so extreme, so polarized. It isn’t working for us–we’re failing more and more. It never used to work this way–this hostility in Congress and the Senate–this inability to get anything done. We’re killing ourselves with hate and mistrust. Of course, unions don’t always work. But have you read in history books what it was like before unions? Maybe we can work to fix them–I think it would be foolish to abolish them. Do we really want to go back to workers not having any protection? Once in a while, you get a boss whose instinct is to be kind and fair. But most of the time, someone needs to keep an eye on them. And the same is true of workers.

  24. Lee says:

    The poor and lower income Americans pay the same sale tax, gas tax, property tax, and tags for their cars. We pay the most late fees and bank fees. When it comes to income tax poor and lower income Americans that don’t have deductions pay more income taxes. I am not interested in a debate about wealth Americans taxes my vote will go to the candidate that talk about improving my taxes. I suggest all Americans pay income tax like sale tax with no deductions.

  25. Stance says:

    The taxes are going to the pockets of drug addict dealers who protest bs this & bs that.

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