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$25 ING Direct/CapitalOne 360 Signup Referral Promotion Bonus (Active Links)

If you’re looking for a referral to ING Direct (now known as CapitalOne 360) to earn the $25 referral bonus, you are at the right place!

Welcome to the self-service $25 ING Direct/CapitalOne 360 signup promotion center at Bargaineering. I’ve written on numerous occasions about how ING Direct/CapitalOne 360 will give you a $25 bonus for opening either a checking or savings account through a referral and depositing $250, so I’ve set up this page to allow readers to help themselves to the referrals (each will get $10 for each referral).

Below, you will see a series of links to CapitalOne 360 [3] and each one is an account referral link good for one $25 bonus per new customer only. Each link will only work for one new account, so if you click the link and it says the following, then please move onto the next one:

It’s a little hard to read but it says “The referral bonus you are trying to use has already been completed. If you want to open a new Orange Savings Account without a bonus, click ‘Continue.'”

As links are used, I’ll clean up the page such that only the valid links are left. If none of these ING Direct referrals are still valid, please send me an email [4] and I’ll send you a fresh referral.

ING Direct/CapitalOne 360 Savings Account Referral Links

Copy and paste the link into your browser’s address bar:

  1. $25 Savings New Account Bonus [5]
  2. $25 Savings New Account Bonus [6]
  3. $25 Savings New Account Bonus [7]
  4. $25 Savings New Account Bonus

Please don’t use an expired link because you will not get the bonus. Clear the cookies from your browser before you try any of the links or they may appear to have “expired” but still be valid. If you do not deposit $250, you will not get the bonus. If you still want an account, please use this link [3].

Enjoy the free referral money!