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$25 RevolutionMoneyExchange Promotion

This promotion has ended.

I know that you all are fans of some free money so this little offer is right up your alley. RevolutionMoneyExchange is a PayPal-like clone, offering online money transfer services but with no fees. They have been around for about a year, running a payment network called Revolution Money that included a debit-like card, but only recently jumped into the person-to-person money transfer business.

The current promotion they’re running is a bonus of $25 if you open an account by May 15th, then you can start referring people (as I am doing so now) and you earn $10 for each person you refer. The only rub I have with RevolutionMoneyExchange is that they require a social security number and they may even deny you an account based on that (though it doesn’t appear they run any credit checks, so I’m not sure what they’re checking and why the need to social), but if you’re cool with that (I was) then the $25 is almost as good as yours.

Signup takes about five minutes. Don’t say I never gave you anything. 🙂