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30 Days – Binge Drinking Mom

I don’t know if anyone kept watching Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days series [3] after the first episode about living on minimum wage [4], but this week’s episode is about a mom who is going to binge drink for 30 days! She’s trying to teach her daughter about the dangers of binge drinking (what dangers? It’s fun!) while she learns about the pressures to binge drink from your friends. As a double bonus, both the mom and the daughter are smoking hot. (not that it should play a role in your television watching preferences :))

In their words…

“Binge Drinking Mom”
Episode #6 (airs 7/20) of Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days”
10pm PST/EST
A mother concerned about her daughter’s alcohol consumption now that she is in college agrees to binge drink for 30 Days to try to get through to her. In a booze-drenched Freaky Friday scenario, the daughter will see her mother drunk, vomiting, and hung over as she makes decisions about the tough social choices she faces every day in college. The mother, on the other hand, will become more aware of the enormous social and cultural pressure to drink that faces kids every day of their college careers.

If you watch it, let me know what you think, it’s on tomorrow night at 10. If you think this is stupid or you have a great idea of what they should try on 30 days, let me know; I bet we could come up with some creative 30 day ideas.

Also, if you’re into recycling and all that stuff (I am [5]), you should also check out “Off-The-Grid” which forces two people to live off the earth (which includes dumpster diving) for thirty days. That was an eye-opener too… I bet you don’t know any militant treehuggers living as rough as those two did in that episode.