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$300 Bills and Good Relationships

When I read this article about a $300 bill for four from Fogo De Chao [3] on Make Love Not Debt (which included a bottle of wine), I smiled. No no, I’m not into schadenfreude (German word for taking pleasure in the misery of others). In the face of financial adversity, Her was able to share her feelings with Him. When you can do that, you know that you have a very strong relationship with open communication.

The $300 bill could’ve been anything. It could’ve been a car accident resulting in a $300 repair bill. It could’ve been a slip and fall that resulted in a $300 trip to the ER, but Her was able to share her unhappiness without assigning blame or trying to push guilt and so that’s something worth more than money and results in lasting relationships.

Incidentally, I think those chain churrascarias are usually around $50 per person dinnertime, which puts the starting bill for four at $200 before wine, taxes, and the dessert. I mean they’re really really good places and one of those once a year type of things, from a financial and a health perspective because all that meat can’t possibly be terribly healthy for you, but it certainly would take the wind out of anyone if they saw the bill without realizing the cost beforehand.