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4 Eco-Tips For A Wonderful New Year

As the New Year kicks off to a start many of us are taking the opportunity to take stock, examine and make changes. For many this can be somewhat of a painful process. Even though change is truly a part of our lives on a daily basis and on a larger scale, there is still that stigma of change being associated with pain.

This year as we ride out this strained economy the theme for many people is “look at what I already have!”. This can apply to appreciating the family & friends in our lives as well shopping and acquiring more stuff. Here are a few ways that you can kick the Eco-simplicity habit into gear and set the mood for 2010 and beyond. And don’t forget, changes don’t have to be painful. They can bring joy as well as inspire you and those around you.

Go With What You Already Have

Each day brings us new opportunities for change, but there is just something about changing of the year that inspires thoughts of bigger changes and new beginnings. As you look around at the latest trends, gadgets and stuff that bombards our daily life, try shifting your approach just a bit.

Discover The Joy Of Consigning

When I became a parent, I quickly realized the need for new stuff every few months. From clothing to shoes and toys, there always seems to be a need for the next size up. For adults, even though there is no need for a size up (well sometimes) we still have that ad man telling us that we need better, bigger, newer each year or so. If you do opt for the better and newer (because I know we are all human), there is a better way.

Don’t Shop Trends

Yes, we would all look amazing in the latest fashion trends. The problem with trends, is that there are new ones every 2 seconds. You spend $20 on that cute top at Target only to have it go out of style the next day. I’m not knocking Target at all!! I think there are many wonderful deals there that I have taken advantage of during the years. But I’ve also learned my lesson. I can but ten $20 shirts over the year that may or may not last. OR I can buy less, but better quality classically designed pieces that will last for years (until it is their time to go to consignment).

Set Up A Friendly Swap

This is one of my favorite things to do. If you are not keen on consignment shopping, set up a friendly clothing and home goods swap. Invite a group of friends to bring clean, gently used or no longer used clothing and home accessories…you can even trade art and craft supplies; this is such a wonderful way to connect with friends while exchanging things you don’t use for things you will. This is amazing for a group of friends with kids of varying ages. We all know how quickly we go through children’s clothing and shoes.

What are your Eco-inspired changes for 2010? I’d love to hear from you.

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