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4 Frugal Ways to Move

I’m not a big fan of moving. Every year for the first six years of my marriage, I moved. We moved across the country twice, and we moved houses in town. It was not pleasant. However, we’ve been in our current home for almost six years, and mu husband is applying for university jobs.

This means we might be moving [3]. Even though we’ve tried not to get weighed down with too much stuff, the reality is that we’ve got more stuff now than we had when we schlepped it to Syracuse, New York for grad school.

So, I’m digging deep, and trying to remember the things we did to save money during our several moves earlier during marriage. Here are 4 of the frugal ways I came up with to move:

1. Take Less With You

Even though we’ve tried to limit the amount of stuff we’ve acquired, it still adds up. So, before we get ready to move, we’re already going through what we have and taking some of it to the local charity store, as well as giving it away. Not only does it make it easier and less expensive to move, but we get a tax deduction for donating our goods [4].

Make sure that you are careful about what you get rid of, though. You can negate the moving savings if you have to buy new (more expensive items) to replace what you left behind.

2. Get Help from Family and Friends

The classic way to save money on moving [5] is to get help from family and friends. Even when we moved cross-country, we still got help with the packing and the cleaning. For an in-town move, we rented a small U-Haul moving van for the day and my parents and brothers helped us shuttle loads between the houses.

3. Drive Yourself

Many movers find it inexpensive to rent a moving truck and then drive themselves. This can be effective for moves within regions, and moves in town. When you do all the packing and driving, you don’t have to pay someone else for their time.

However, you do need to make sure you can handle driving a large truck. Additionally, you might need a trailer to pull your car, if you don’t want to spend the money on gas for separate driving arrangements, or if you don’t want to be in the cab of the truck alone.

4. Pack Yourself, Let Someone Else Drive

It’s been a long time since we moved back across the country, but for both of our cross-country moves, we did the math and discovered that it was cheaper for someone else to drive our stuff across the country. There are companies like ABF UPack (this is what we used) and PODS that can give you a hybrid moving experience. You pack all your own boxes, and load them into the truck. Then, you pay for someone else to drive. We figured that by the time we paid for gas, truck rental, and hotels for a cross-country move, this method was slightly cheaper — but much more convenient.

How do you save money when it’s time to move?

Image: idogcow [6]