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4.25% Emigrant Direct American Dream Savings

Emigrant Direct [3] increased their rates to 4.25% APY on 1/26/06, up from 4.0% APY, in an obvious counter-punch to HSBC, which has been snagging up a lot of the interest rate chasers (of which I am was a card carrying member) lately.

However, right now the best rate is the temporary 4.80% from HSBC (thanks nickel). Also available is a temporary 4.75% Winter Save Up Sale from ING Direct [4] which is made sweeter for people who aren’t current account holders because you can get $25 if you are referred from someone else (please contact me if you want/need a referral [5]).

ING’s temporary rate is until 4/15/06, HSBC’s temporary rate is until 4/30/06.