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5 Affluent Banking Credit Cards You Can’t Afford

That black beauty right there is the American Express Black Centurion Card [3]. To make them, American Express harvested the cores of ten black holes and pressed them into little cards of pure consumerism-fueled spending bliss (hush all you physicists).

Want one? You’ll need $5,000 up front to pay for it, followed by $2500 a year in annual fees, plus a minimum spend of $250,000 a year. That’s right. A quarter of a million bucks. Whoo hooo, that’s some serious cash. But look at all the cool features of the American Express Centurion card! (a very extensive review of the AMEX Black [4] by social marketing maven Neil Patel)

If that’s a little too rich for your blood, plenty of other companies are offering affluent banking services:

HSBC Premier [5]

From Wikipedia:

HSBC Premier is the group’s premium financial services product. The exact benefits and qualification criteria vary depending on country, but typically require deposits and investments of at least $100,000, £50,000, or €100,000, or a mortgage of at least $500,000 or £250,000. Customers have a dedicated relationship manager, global 24 hour access to call centres and preferential rates.

Citi Chairman’s Card [6]

This card doesn’t have any application requirements but the $500 annual fee is going to weed out its fair share of applicants. What do you get for five hundred bones a year?

CitiGold [7]

According to their FAQ [8], the membership requirements are “$100,000 or more in combined monthly balances, including eligible deposit, credit, investment and retirement products; OR $250,000 or more in combined monthly balances if your first mortgage is linked.” You have six months to reach that level, if you don’t you are subjected to account maintenance fees ($25/mo.). CitiGold also has a CitiGold Select if you have $500,000 in combined assets.

Other perks? If you’re traveling, you get access to CitiGold centers worldwide, which include phones, faxes, and meeting rooms. During an emergency, you can get up to $2,000 from your accounts within 30 minutes, preferential foreign exchange rates, and you can collect call CitiGold customer service.

Bank of America Accolades Card [9]

Bank of America didn’t want to be left out of the affluent banking party and recently began offering their own version of the Black AMEX and calling it the Bank of America Accolades Card. It’s a Bank of America-American Express co-branded card and details of the program are still sketchy, despite it’s announcement a year ago [9]. The “bar” for getting the card appears to be like the other affluent banking cards, $100,000 in assets invested ($295 annual fee is waived).

Forbes [10] has a list of other affluent banking cards.