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5 Homemade Low Cost Toddler Halloween Costumes

Yesterday, we shared five awesome homemade baby Halloween costume ideas [3], today we’re doing the same for the slightly older kiddos – the toddlers.

Is there any kid who doesn’t love Halloween? They love dressing up and visiting houses to get all that candy. Toddlers are just starting to appreciate the bounty of a full sack of candy, and they are just becoming aware of themselves and their appearance. They know when they look cute, and they like receiving compliments. Toddlers also enjoy playing dress up, and with the right Halloween costume, they can play dress up all year long.

Manufacturers cater to parents who want to indulge their children (and themselves) with toddler costumes that run $40 to $60, typically, but there is no reason to spend that much money. Instead, create your own adorable costume, and you won’t have to worry about your child getting it dirty or playing in it too roughly. Here are some ideas:


Supplies: Purple or green balloons, purple or green leggings and top (or sweatsuit depending on the weather), safety pins, green hat.

Directions: Simply blow up several balloons and safety pin the ends all over the costume. Make sure to avoid the bottom area so your child can sit down comfortably. Also, this idea works best for kids over four so they aren’t tempted to put any balloons in their mouth. Have the child wear a knit hat for the stem of the grape. (Think the Fruit of the Loom grape man for this costume.)

Smarty Pants

Supplies: Smarties candies, hot glue gun

Directions: Simply hot glue Smarties candies all over your toddlers pants, leaving the seat empty so the child can sit. I love this simple costume that is easy and clever. To really show off the Smarties, you may want to choose dark, solid color pants.

Wrapped Present

Supplies: A box big enough for your child to fit in, wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape

Directions: Cut out the bottom of the box for your child’s legs and make a hole large enough for his head and one on each side for his arms. Wrap the box. Have the child wear the box and wear solid clothes underneath. Put a ribbon or a bow in his hair to finish the look.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Supplies: Red sweatsuit, red baseball cap, black pom pom balls, white or yellow yarn or two mop heads, colander, hot glue gun

Directions: Glue the yarn or mop head to the baseball cap so that the cap is mostly hidden by the hanging “noodles.” Put the colander on top; if necessary, Velcro it to the mop head or yarn. Glue a few pieces of yarn or a few strands of the remaining mop head at random all over the top and pants. Glue one pom pom ball to each section of “spaghetti”.


Supplies: White top and pants, rolls of gauze or old white sheets ripped in strips, masking tape

Directions: Once child is in the white clothes, loosely wrap gauze around his chest, arms and legs. Let some pieces hang loose so the costume has a disheveled look to it. For easy exit of the costume, wrap in several smaller strips rather than one big pieces that takes awhile to unwrap.  Use masking tape to secure the strips and to give the mummy an old look. Make sure to wrap gauze around the top of the child’s head and secure with masking tape.

One more idea—toddlers often have matching rain coats and boots which can easily double as Halloween costumes. Twice my son went as a fireman, once at 2 and again at 6, because he had an adorable fireman jacket and matching boots. All we had to add was a fireman hat, and he received that for free when he visited the fire station.

Do you make homemade toddler Halloween costumes?  Which are your favorite?

(Photo: docmonstereyes [4])