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5 Seasonal Part-Time Job Ideas for the Holidays

With the holiday season just around the corner, many consumers are trying to figure out how they can earn a little extra money. Even if you aren’t planning on spending the extra money on presents and decor, the idea of making extra money during this time of year is a good one.

Whether you are working for “the man” or have your own idea for a part-time gig, now is a great time to make a little extra cash. Here are 5 part-time job ideas for the holiday season:

1. Traditional Retail

Many retailers are starting to hire right now in order to ramp up for the holidays. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that the 2011 holiday season saw more than 500,000 were hired for temporary retail jobs.

If you want to earn a little extra money during the holidays [3], one of the most common options is working retail during the holiday season. Retailers hire cashiers, stockers, and greeters for the holiday season. And, chances are that you’ll get a few more hours beyond what is traditionally considered “part-time.”

You can find a part-time job compatible with your current day job by looking for openings on the night shift. Many retailers need extra help at night during the holiday season.

2. Package Handlers and Drivers

With packages more common during the holiday season, temporary jobs for drivers and package handlers are available. Delivery services like UPS hire temporary workers during the holidays, and you might even be able to turn your temporary job into a regular job.

Even if you don’t work for a specific company, you can offer your driving services. Hire out your driving services and in-town package delivery services to others, and you might be able to earn a few extra bucks.

3. Party Planners

There is a huge increase in parties during the holiday season. Family parties and company parties abound. You can hire on with a party planning company and work as waitstaff, or in some other capacity. Caterers also often need a little more help during the holiday season. Chefs, servers, attendants, setup and takedown workers, and others are needed a great deal during the holiday party season.

If you are very organized, you can even provide these services yourself, as a small business owner. Offer your party planning services, and you might find that you have steady work all through the holidays.

4. Customer Service

Many companies ramp up customer service staff during the holidays. You can get part-time work as a customer service rep, resolving problems and possibly even performing data entry functions for companies. If you can handle interacting with irate customers, this might be just the job for a little extra money for the holidays.

5. Photography and Videography

The holiday season [4] offers a number of options for the talented photographer or videographer. Not only do many stores hire independent photographers to take pictures of children visiting Santa, but many companies like to hire photographers and videographers for their holiday parties.

You can also hire out for weddings. You might be surprised at the number of weddings that take place during the holiday season. In fact, I got married during the holidays, and was happy to have a photographer and videographer. Be available, and you can make decent money with your talent.

What are some of your ideas for part-time seasonal work during the holiday season?

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