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5 Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

There is a chance (but just a chance, mind you) that my family could pick up and move halfway across the country [3]. One of the things I am not looking forward to is trying to sell my home.

We’ve been in this home since 2007, and it’s the first home we ever bought. Consequently, it will also be the first home that we sell. And we will probably want to sell it as quickly as we can.

In order to get a little perspective on how to sell quicker, I got 5 tips from real estate consultant Katie McCartney, who works with Cam Taylor Co. Realtors in Columbus, OH:

1. Keep It Clean

“Nothing turns off a buyer more than walking into a dirty house,” says McCartney. You’ll want to make it a point to keep things picked up and tidy. This includes making sure there aren’t offensive or strong smells, as well as paying attention to keeping things in clean shape.

We’re pretty good about keeping our house clean, but if it comes time to sell, daily cleanings are probably necessary. It’s all about impressing potential buyers.

2. Curb Appeal

First impressions do matter. “Having weeds growing in your front lawn or shrubs, unkempt shrubs or trees, and long grass is not an inviting sight,” says McCartney.

You want to show buyers that you are the real deal. A positive impression from the curb strengthens the attractiveness of the house, and increases the chances that you will get an offer.

3. Competitive Pricing

Unfortunately, selling your home fast is more about pricing it to sell than trying to make a big profit. “You can have the cleanest, nicest looking home on the market,” says McCarney, “but if it s not priced right, it could still sit. If you need to sell your home fast, you need to be competitive in your pricing right out of the gate.”

You don’t have to completely lowball yourself, but you will have to look at the market and underprice by at least a little bit.

4. Neutralize Your Home

Don’t leave personal pictures up, and try to make your home as neutral as possible. I know that when I was looking, I had a hard time seeing past homes that had customized color schemes in rooms. Why do I want a bedroom painted bright red?

McCartney says that neutralizing the home makes it easier for potential buyers to see their own things in the space. When your personal preferences become intrusive, you are less likely to make the sale.

5. Arrange for Staging

“Hire a stager to set the scene of your house,” says McCartney. “A stager has an eye on how things need to be placed in the home to attract a buyer.” She also points out that staging can help with pictures as well, so you can impress online shoppers. “Lots of time is spent online looking at a home before buyers walk into the house.”

If you want to sell your house right, it’s all about presentation and pricing. If you can present an attractive home at just the right price, it will be snapped up quickly.

(Photo: Chris Bohn [4])