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5 Totally Cool Tiny Houses

One of the more interesting real estate trends right now is the tiny house [3]. These are little houses that are often as small as 65 square feet, and can be up to 874 square feet. These tiny houses try to make maximum use of the small space, creating livable spaces that don’t take up much room.

On top of that, many tiny houses are built on trailers, so they can be wheeled around. It’s also possible, with a tiny house, to live off the grid [4]. As you might expect, tiny houses are favorite dwellings for those who are self-sufficient as well as those who are interested in increasing their levels of sustainable living.

However, tiny houses don’t have to be drab. Many tiny houses are interesting and attractive to look at. And, if you are really interested in it and creative about your arrangements, they can be just as great to live in as other homes — and give you a new perspective on what’s really important in life. You don’t need a huge house Here are 5 cool tiny houses:

  1. Z-Glass: This cool design from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers you the chance to get plenty of natural lighting. The Z-Glass tiny house [5] is 370 square feet, and Tumbleweed offers you the chance to buy the plans for $595. The company estimates that it costs about $26,000 to build yourself.
  2. Don Vardo: This house was built by Portland Alternative Homes, and is 7 x 10. The tiny house is built on trailer wheels, so it’s easy to tow with you. It comes with french doors, and even a small cedar deck. The flooring is radiant-heat. There isn’t a full kitchen, though, and the Don Vardo [6] isn’t recommended for full-time dwelling. I suspect that some might be able to make it work, though.
  3. B-53: This is one of the bigger tiny houses, offered by Tumbleweed. You can choose a two-bedroom with 777 square feet, or a three-bedroom with 874 square feet. If you have a couple of kids, this might be a good home. The B-53 [7] isn’t portable, though. The cost to build it, in terms of material costs, is estimated at $51,000 to $58,000. Building it could mean lower taxes and lower utility bills, though.
  4. ProtoHaus: This house, with only 125 square feet, is transportable, and was built during the summer of 2009. ProtoHaus [8] focuses on sustainability, and was built mainly from reclaimed materials. Most of the conveniences of modern life can be found in ProtoHaus. It includes touches from artists and others, so that the space is aesthetically pleasing, as well as efficient.
  5. Painted Lady: Do you like Victorian style houses? If so, the Painted Lady [9] from Tiny Texas Houses might be just the thing for you. This home has 312 square feet, and features stained glass windows. You can enjoy porches in the front and back, as well as other modern conveniences — including room for a small sub-zero fridge and a two-burner cooktop and a microwave.
What do you think? Would you live in a tiny house? Do you have a favorite tiny house design?

(Photo: Earthworm [10])