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50 Free Prints from Photoworks Online Photo Service

Update: More codes, up to 145 free photos (up from 50 in the title).

I, probably like you, am a fan of free stuff… especially if it’s stuff you were going to get anyway and after our trip to Tahoe, we have a lot of digital pictures we’d like to get on paper. So, it’s quite fortuitous that Photoworks [3] has a coupons for 50 free prints (after $1.99 shipping)!

Here are the coupons:

I don’t know anything about Photoworks [3] but I’ve reviewed other online photo services [4] in the past and this is a good opportunity to review them and check out how they perform. The other review is a little dated (it was done in May of 2005) but I think it still stands up in relative terms.

Update 1/4/07: Since writing this article, my fiancée has ordered some prints using the free print codes and I was impressed by the quality of the prints. They are comparable (not any better or worse) than the prints from other major printers.