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50 Fun Facts About Banks

Nearly 1 year ago I wrote 50 Fun Facts about Credit Cards [3], a post that was very well received, so I figured why not follow that up one year later with another 50 fun facts post – this time talking about banks. I like reading about history so the first batch of facts revolve around the central bank, starting with the First Bank of the United States and ending with our current Federal Reserve system (you can see the progression!), then wash that meal down with some more entertaining facts like some other firsts, a few mind boggling statistics, and then some fun stuff like bank robberies and banking sponsorship information. It was fun (and educational) putting it together so I hope you enjoy reading the list. (much like last time, I added in a few bonus facts!)

Central Bank History

Other Firsts (and Lasts)

Stats and Figures (Some Mind-boggling)

Consumer Protection

Actually Fun / Interesting Facts