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50 Fun Facts About Cold Hard Cash

Cash, cabbage, paper, scratch, scrizzle, dineros, dough, whatever you want to call it, it’s all means the same – it’s cold hard cash. There is plenty of useless and fun trivia about currency that is certainly fun to know and you guessed it, I’m going to give you at least fifty fun facts about currency, mostly US facts but a sprinkling of international ones near the end. The first bunch have to deal with US money history in general such as the creation of the Mint and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, then moves onto specifics about the bills and coins such as what they are made of. Then we move onto some of the interesting facts that deal with counterfeiting. The 50 facts end with a few facts on what you should do with damaged or mutilated currency and then a few international facts for those of you looking to get an edge in Trivial Pursuit. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and in keeping with the tradition of these 50 fun facts posts, I added a few bonus facts so there are a few more than 50 in the list. If you enjoy this list, you might enjoy 50 Fun Facts about Credit Cards [3] and 50 Fun Facts about Banks [4].

US Money History

Bills & Coinage Facts

Counterfeiting Facts

Damaged/Mutilated Bills & Coins

International Money Facts

If you thirst for more facts, there are plenty at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing [9]. Also, if you’re a fan of looking at old bills, you can check out this incredible American Currency Exhibit [10] provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.