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$50 Offered To Stay Citi Protector Cancellation

So my fiancee went to cancel her Citi Protector, we’d both mailed in our $100 gas certificates [3], and went to follow the script [4] when she was, like several other people, offered $50 in rebates to stick with the program. She, predictably, fell victim to their tactics of “throw money at the problem” and will attempt to cancel in a month. She hopes to succeed in canceling next month, unless they once again decide to throw money at the problem.

Sometimes you’re the statistic and sometimes you’re the one who benefits from the statistics, we hope (you all included) we can stay in that second group as long as possible.

(Incidentally, the $100 gas certificate promotion link [5] still works but all reports have shown that the expiration date on the certificate is the 31st and you can’t save receipts until you are enrolled, so signing up now may not be that great.)