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500,000 Unique Hits Contest, Giving Away 5 Books

This contest is now closed. Thanks everyone!

Yep, Sitemeter can confirm that nearly half a million unique fools people have visited my humble blog (it’ll roll over sometime tomorrow)… if you asked me a year and a half ago whether I ever thought my blog would get so many visitors, let alone a hundred thousand, I would’ve told you that you were crazy. Why would anyone read this blog!? (Don’t worry, I’m not as self-defeating as my pal Cap at StopBuyingCrap [3]) So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ll be giving away five books that I have sitting on my shelf to one lucky reader. One person will win all five books. I don’t know which five they’ll be (they’ll be personal finance-ish books, books that PR firms have sent me to review) but one person will win them.

So, how can you win these five books? I will draw an entry at random on Midnight on November 3rd (it’ll actually be sometime in the morning of November 4th) and there are two ways to earn an entry (you can earn up to two entries):

  1. Blog about how I am awesome and am approaching half a million (or have breached) uniques and that I’m giving away five books. (You can skip the awesome part but talk about the five free books… and please link to this post, if you don’t then I have no real way of tracking it and I can’t give you credit for it)
  2. Leave a comment (with your email) below with a unique Laffy Taffy-type joke (please leave your email or I won’t know how to contact you!).

What’s a Laffy Taffy type joke? It’s a pun, a groaner, a joke you would only ever tell someone because you couldn’t believe how bad it was.