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547 Ways to be Fuel Smart by Roger Albright

547 Ways to be Fuel Smart by Roger Albright [3] was last published in 2000 (with editions in 1990 and 1978, hmmm curious dates they are!) and does in fact contain 547 ways you can get the same out of life but consume less fuel. The book is old, so you won’t find it in bookstores (I found it walking the stacks at my local library), but it contains information that is just as appropriate today as it was in 1978 and 1990.

While you won’t be able to use all of the ideas in this book, some of them will be a bit out of date, you are sure to find some that you can apply. There are five hundred forty seven ways in here pal, you should be able to find one. 🙂

Here’s one idea I won’t be using: Albright talks about four huge windows in his home that he loved but were huge energy sinks. They were afflicted with the same condition many older windows are: they were very drafty. He realized that he could live without opening them, because there were other options, so he nailed them shut, caulked the seams, and sealed off the draft. He could still admire and enjoy the views through the windows but he wouldn’t have to pay the energy costs for the draftiness. I won’t be nailing down any windows but it’s a good idea for those who live in older homes.

Which chapter did I like the most? Chapter 7: Rake in Savings From Your Garden! While many of the suggestions in the book are for people with in-ground gardens (versus a patio/planter garden like we do), there are still great ideas in here that we can take away. One section explains the best way to store your harvest to make it last. For example, there are two ways to store and dry herbs. The first is to dry it in hanging bunches in a fine mesh onion bag in your refrigerator for a week. The second is to use a microwave to dry them (wrap in paper towels and zap for short intervals). Both are better than leaving them out in the air because that’s how they lose most of their flavor. I haven’t tried any of these ideas but they seem plausible.

If you’re interested in finding a few new ideas, check to see if your local library has it.