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Hot Reads For The Week

Here are some good reads for this week if you haven’t had a chance to get to them:

Consumerism Commentary – Travelers Insurance will now offer a 10% discount for hybrid owners [3]. How about a news story from Newsday (a New York paper) about a Merrill Lynch broker stealing $320k from a little old lady [4]?

Five Cent Nickel – Read about Nickel filing a PayPal Buyer’s Complaint [5] and it’s resolution [6]. Also of note, read about his new venture [7], raising4boys.com [8], which is about the arduous task of raising four boys (surprise!).

All Things Financial – JLP talks about his financial history and two financial “events” of significance [9]. He also has talks about an interesting investment strategy using ETFs [10] that’s worth a look.

Free Money Finance – More editions of his How To Get Your Blog to 100,000 Visitors and beyond series include tips like leaving comments & trackbacks [11], reading blogs in your niche [12], and write compelling content [13]. This is a good series and while some tips may be common sense, are you really doing them? Sometimes we all need a little reminder.