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6 In Demand Careers for the Next 10 Years

Looking to head back to college or just beginning your college journey? Maybe you are interested in changing careers. If you are trying to decide what course of study to pursue or what field might be good for you, there are two things you should consider: Baby Boomers and business.

Baby Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964, and they are currently between ages 66 and 48. They are aging and need a variety of services. Because they make up such a large portion of our population, jobs that service them are in demand. Here are a few that may be directly related to aging Baby Boomers:

Jobs Affected by Aging Baby Boomers

Home Care Nurse: As boomers age and face surgeries and recoveries, they often need someone who can help take care of them at home. According to PayScale.com, home care nurses can expect to make a median salary of $61,000. The demand for home care nurses is expected to grow 70% in the next 10 years.

Clinical Engineer, Medical Devices: If you like to help others and have a knack for science, you could evaluate and test medical devices as well as create new ones. PayScale.com puts the median salary at an impressive $80,400 per year. Job growth is expected to slightly more than double in the next 10 years.

Physical Therapists: As Baby Boomers get knee and hip replacements, they often need to work with physical therapists. Perfect for those who are good in math and science and enjoy working with people, a job as a physical therapist pays a median salary of $76,700. Job growth is expected to increase by a third from current levels.

Clinical Research Associate: These individuals help make sure a clinical trial is running properly. A bachelor’s degree is usually required, and the median salary is $90,700. More than 36,000 jobs are expected to be added in the next 10 years.

Jobs Affected by the Growth of Business

The other hot fields career-wise relate to business. Consider the following:

Meeting/Convention Planner: If you love to socialize, organize and plan, becoming a meeting/convention planner may be the perfect job for you. As hotels expand their services to host lucrative business conventions, demand for these jobs is growing. An additional 30,000 jobs are expected to be available in the next 10 years. Median salary is $56,500.

Marketing Consultant: Are you persuasive and active with social media avenues? You may be able to work as a marketing consultant, getting new products in front of the public and convincing them to buy. Over 100,000 new jobs are expected to open up in this field in the next 10 years, and at a median salary of $92,000, the pay isn’t too shabby either.

If you are pursuing a degree or planning to switch jobs, of course, you should pursue an area that you are interested in. But to make your job search easier, you may want to tailor your major to one of these areas with hot career growth.

Do you work in any of these fields or would you like to?