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6 Ways to Put a Little More Cash in Your Pocket

Nearly everyone wants to find ways to put a little more cash in their pockets. You can start a side business, but what if you aren’t ready for the time and energy a side hustle would require? Maybe you’re looking for some relatively easy — and quick — cash.

The good news is that there are ways to find a little extra cash all around you. Before you commit yourself to a part-time job, see if any of these 6 ways to put cash in your pocket can work for you.

1. Donate Yourself

One of the easiest ways to get some quick cash is to donate bits of yourself. Head down to the nearest blood bank, and receive anywhere from $25 to $40 for donating plasma. You can actually do this twice a week, so it can be a fairly reliable income source. Other body parts you can donate for money include hair and bone marrow. Men can donate sperm, and women can donate eggs (although egg donation requires a little more effort and discomfort) for cash.

2. Be a Guinea Pig

Sign up for a clinical trial or two. Everything from the latest weight loss pill to cosmetics go through trials. You will have to meet certain requirements, though. However, you can earn some cool cash by participating. Avoid scams by checking with ClinicalTrials.gov [3] to find legitimate trials.

3. Take Your Stuff to a Consignment Shop

Forget holding a yard sale. If you want to get a little more for your gently used stuff, a consignment shop is the way to go. You bring your stuff in, and the shop sells it, and splits the profit with you. You will need to find out what the split is ahead of time, though. In some cases, if your stuff is really good and guaranteed to sell, the shop will buy it from you outright. My husband and I sold quite a few items outright to a consignment shop before one of our cross-country moves.

4. Try the Pawn Shop

Instead of deciding to get a loan at the pawn shop (which can be expensive), try selling your stuff outright. You are likely to get a better deal that way. Shop around, though. Compare offers at different pawn shops, and be especially careful if you are trying to sell your gold jewelry [4]. You are most likely to get the best prices for more unique items.

5. Take Surveys and Participate in Focus Groups

Honestly, I’ve never been much of a fan of the paid survey scene. However, some people really do get good, relatively fast money by participating. And I did, once, participate in an interview study. I actually ended up making a cool $150 for an hour of my time. Not bad. But you need to qualify for the high paying surveys, and go through reputable researchers, such as Schlesinger Associates (who conducted the interview I participated in) and Harris Interactive.

6. Look for Ways to Save

Another surefire way to put cash in your pocket is to look for ways to save money [5]. You can plug your money leaks, including buying things you don’t need [6], spending money on unused subscriptions, and wasting energy. Conduct a spending audit, and see where you might make improvements. You might be surprised at how much more cash you end up with when you make an effort to save more.

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