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600GB Comcast “Invisible” Bandwidth Limit

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If you have Comcast High-Speed Internet, don’t download more than 600 gigabytes within a month or you could find yourself Comcast No-Speed Internet. I saw this on Digg and never knew there was a shroud of mystery surrounding an invisible bandwidth limit and getting booted but apparently it’s floating out there. An anecdote shows that 600 GB appears to be the limit at which Comcast company policy states considers your usage to be ‘internet abuse.’

600 GB/month = 20 GB/day = 833MB/hr. Eight hundred and thirty three megabytes downloaded an hour, each hour, for thirty consecutive days… even I would consider that abuse.

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47 Responses to “600GB Comcast “Invisible” Bandwidth Limit”

  1. scott says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm funny part about all this is that Comcast doesn’t tell it’s customers that if have tv, phone and internet, each one of these use that download bandwidth, i watch a comcast on demand movie, I get charged for it and the bandwidth, that sent info is added to my accont, i use the phone or fax i get charged for this and again this is added too my total bandwidth, my son gets on play station and plays a few hours , again charged for the bandwidth used….now I have 4 computers in my house and 4 tv and 2 gaming systems, do they know that a blueray movie from vonage is like 4 gigs…or utube or even hlu now…..Comcast wake up and catch up with the times files are bigger and bigger, yet your cutting everyone off, do you consider there are people have more then 3 computers in house now? Or even now I work from home and send files as big as 2-20gigs to my company’s around the world “CAD” files for the military…..please people wake up and tell them the truth…tell them wake up and look up the stats..for a family of 4 or 5

    thank you

  2. Edward says:

    Just say NO to Comcast if you plan on downloading movies. Use AT&T or your local phone line high speed internet. You don’t share the Cable like on the other guys like Comcast or other Cable TV provider. The two wires coming to your house is a dedicated line and there is no limit to how much you can download. The limit is in the speed per residence per telephone line. DSL modems share the band width and if you have multiple high download users, get a second phone line for DSL Only. Ask for a multi-line discount or get their ultra high speed service where available.

  3. DLJIM says:

    I just got the comcast notice of OVER usage But I really can’t find it. Yes I have 5 or 6 computer on line but only 3 can be on the net at any one time. I do record Football and Baseball games on to my computer but Comcast says that does not count as band usage because the tv signal is not recorded (are they lying ???). The computer are left on for updates and to record games. We do not down load Movies so that can’t be it. I write on a few blogs and work on a web site (not hosted at the house) They tell me I hit 600+ gigs last month but can not help with the days or what ever it was. Does anyone know of a router that has a usage meter on it??? I downloaded a little program (networx) and from every thing I can see we would be hard pressed to hit 150 let along 600gig in a month. I wonder it they really do follow the usage because they could not tell me my usage for the past months no clue and they can’t tell me how much I have used this month.
    Thanks DLJIM

  4. Albert says:

    Comcast security called me last month (Sep 09) and rudely threatened to terminate my cable internet because I had exceeded their ‘acceptable’ limit. Needless to say I overkilled on the amount big time+++ (I’m very proud). I asked them how much bandwidth the average user uses a month, and they said 2-4 gigabytes, with their allowable limit being 250 gigs-per billing month. REALLY????? According to my reliable 3rd party bandwidth monitor (which you have to find and download somewhere yourself because Comcast doesn’t want you to have a reliable measurement), I can use 4 gigabytes of bandwidth in 30 minutes. How you ask? I multi-task: Watching movies on Netflix while downloading music and surfing the internet at the same time. Everything in different windows. Does that make me an ‘EEEEvil’ internet user as Comcast says it does? Maybe! Muwahahah!. But, I also just used 2 gigs in the last 10 minutes doing stuff while I was writing this…Eat it Comcast! I’m going to use 240 gigs of bandwidth a month. If you cancel me, I’m going to Verizon FIOS and my family will have a faster connection without these ridiculous limits.

  5. Blokey says:

    I was playing online game when suddenly i lost internet connection. I remember my sister telling me about some Comcast security guy phoning her about my average 800gb/month banwidth usage. Anyway it was frustrating being cutoff while playing. My sister’s account got suspended for a year but i tried to make an account on my name and it worked lol. Anyway I’m on my first month and I’m not sure if 250gb is going to work for me… Is FIOS really a lot faster than Comcast? Is it unlimited?

  6. Ike says:

    I have the misfortune to use Comcast. I’ve noticed that even under a 100gb a month, not only does my service seem to mysteriously go away for a few days, but there is also no response from the comcast support.

    Mostly it’s run around, I wish I hadnt moved from downtown where FIOS was. Never had a discconect, or any sort of issues when using utorrent.

  7. Perkeo says:

    250 GB is really not that much these days. Between me and my GF we used over 11 GB yesterday from what I would call common usage. She watched a number of episodes of Lost from netflix via our PS3, I bought a couple Itunes songs, and that’s really it. There is some background usage such as for web use, our vudu box which we didn’t even use yesterday, our directv box, etc… And that was on a weekend so it doesn’t include bandwidth from when she works at home 2x per week. If I didn’t set some limits via my router, we could easily go over 250GB. With more and more technology using the internet, more and more people are going to butt up against 250MB. I’m not sure how 2-4 is the norm in a month but that must mean there’s an awful lot of people out there just using it for email,like grandparents staying connected. I’d be willing to pay for additional bandwidth, but getting booted outright isn’t very customer friendly, especially when you can hit the limit just indulging in legal, popular activities.

  8. Shelby says:

    Well its 2010, and I just found out that Comcasts cap is 250GB/month, they called me one weekend morning in Feb to tell me I exceeded the cap in Jan…they also told me if i did it again i would be terminated. So i got a b/w monitor and set it to terminate all traffic at the 240GB mark. Well my broadband just stopped working and when i called Comcast to find out why, they told me I went over the limit again, and that i was suspended/terminated for 12 months, and there was nothing i could do, such as pay for more b/w.
    You’d think they could just cut you off when you hit 250GB for that month, and then turn you back on at the beginning of the next month… I’m on a slow 3G Sprint card now until I can find a reasonably fast alternative.

    Probably Dish Network and DSL for the next year, gonna cut off my Comcast TV as soon as i find a reasonable SAT TV/Broadband deal. Comcast has the ATL area locked in, there are no [wired][fast]competitors, that sucks !

  9. jimz says:

    I got the same call.
    you can down load a couple of free programs to check on your usage. But it does happen
    I don’t use any real bandwidth and I hit 660gb. we do not download any movies or real programs and no gaming maybe be open office download once a month. I called and worked it out (I think) with my local comcast and still have comcast. I really don’t know how I could hits these numbers but one day a couple of months ago one of my computer hit 440gb in one day. NO ONE used the computer that day; we were not even home. I think something funny is going on and we have not been able to follow it. Comcast say they have a meter on line for you to check But try and find it.
    good luck we are still trying to find our usage.

  10. nat says:

    got THE CALL today. apparently i used 1.2TB of their precious BW!!!! thats BS!!!!! they go around advertising that they’re all unlimited but have caps on everything!!! and come on who actually watches movies online these days… by the time the damn HD movie loads u could have downloaded and watched it 3 time already!!!!

  11. chris says:

    I got the call today. Over 1TB of data in one month. I agree that sounds like a lot, but I purchased a 50Mb connection, for the pupose of USING IT. I don’t mess with Limewire, uTorrent or other P2P clients. I am a web developer, working from home, and my kids and I watch Netflix A LOT (I decided it was better to pay $10 per month for Netflix, rather than $60-$100 for cable TV).

    Now the 50Mbps connection itself is over $110, I think after taxes and fees it’s like $125 a month. But I asked the security / customer service rep, would I still have a limit of 250GB per month if I dropped my speed down to 22Mbps or 16Mbps? Yes, he said it doesn’t matter how fast the connection is, you still get capped at the same 250 gig threshold.

    So why is it that I am paying for more speed? All that is going to do is help me reach the limit (and get cut off) faster.

    I asked if I could upgrade to a business account. The guy said no, we don’t want more money, I am just telling you, if it happens again, you will get cut off with no warning, for 12 months.

    So what does Comcast suggest I do then, if I need more than 250GB per month? He had no suggestions.

    He did, however, imply that I either have a virus, an unsecured network, or that I have been pirating.

    I was furious. I felt insulted, as if I had done something wrong. I have no virus, my network IS secure, and I don’t use filesharing programs. I watch streaming video, play occasional games, and FTP files for clients’ websites. This is NOT abuse. I pay for a service, and I want to use it.

    I hate Comcast. They can get bent for all I care. If they shut me off they will be losing a lot more than I will. Because I will NEVER use them again, and I will tell EVERYONE I know about the crappy customer service and dishonesty in their advertising. Sure, you can get twisted up in a semantic war (“it’s an unlimited connection, not unlimited transfer”) but this is BS.

    Comcast, wake the hell up. You won’t last long if you treat your customers like criminals.

  12. Starksukraine says:

    Living here in marietta, ga. Got the call two days ago… They said i managed 344gb in the month of april. I had my wisdom teeth pulled and was laid up so I watched all of the seasons for “weeds” and the movie ‘che’. Me and my fiance just said screw them and cancelled after the guy suggested we stop using netflix altogether. After we said that we wanted to cancel he asked if we wanted to get a t-1 line. Hahaha. I hope comcast fades away.
    Any suggestions for a marietta isp??

  13. Shelby says:

    Shelby says:
    04/29/2010 at 8:29 pm

    its two weeks later and a comcast call center called me and asked why ‘I’ canceled. Long story short, they turned me back on AND gave me a $20 for 6 mos discount price.

    has any one else had that happen? …or am i just lucky?

    Did I learn from this experience? Yes, it sucked watching pages and even email load soooo slooowwly. SO KEEP IT UNDER 250, …until something better comes along.

  14. chris says:

    Funny, stark, I also got caught up on the last few seasons of Weeds. And Arrested Development, and Lost. I think my kids are causing me to shoot up there quickly though, with all the cartoons they’ve been watching… My bandwidth meter says I’m safe, but I forgot to put it on the second computer!

  15. Tim says:

    I never got the dreaded phone call, I had to call them to find out why my internet had been shut off, apparently I had used 750gb bandwidth in a month in october (which is roughly average for me) due to the fact that myself and a few friends work on random music stuff together for fun and are sending flac and wav files back and forth of our recordings and such via torrent which I tend to keep open so that a friend can redownload it if s/he needs it.

    I was told that if it ever happens again, my comcast internet would be suspended. When I posed the question of how long it would be suspended for, they told me 365 days. That’s a whole year of internet suspension that I can almost guarantee to you that they will still charge for due to the contract. On top of that, my partner runs our home business through this line and is also continually streaming videos so it’s quite easy to hit this limit. I also do online gaming and have noticed that since upgrading to the triple play pack, there is much more lag in games i could play perfectly prior to the upgrade.

    They also had on their website an advertisement for the bandwidth meter being available in my area. When I called about this bandwidth meter, i was talking with tech support for over an hour before they bothered to tell me that the reason I was not finding it through their instructions was because it was not yet available in my area and they did not know when it would be. This was back in march, it’s now the end of may and there’s still no bandwidth meter.
    To me, the lack of the bandwidth meter is also a underhanded way to get people to go over that limit. They told me I had to use their bandwidth to download a 3rd party one and even then, you run the risk of it being closed by accident or not opening at start-up.

  16. pandski says:

    It would be very difficult to impossible to do 200 gigs a month over Comcasts network in our area at best it is really fast like, dial up! My estimation for 200 gigs using Comcast at typical speeds is 89 days .

  17. Gerard says:

    so i was thinking in 2008 or 2009 i head a case on texas i believe where a group of people sued microsoft becuase microsoft fail to deliver their xbox 360 gold membership but it did not fail at taking the 50$ they paid for the service. The court ruled on favor on the group of people from texas. so if comcast advertise ****unlimited**** they muyst provide unlimited as long as they take our 60$ monthly other wise they failing at providing our service. Can’t we sue them or make them take the “unlimited” word out of their ads ?

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