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7 Consumer Profile Reports You Didn’t Know About

Many of us are familiar with credit reports and credit scoring. Chances are, that you are familiar with the credit reports [3] issued by the “big three” credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. These credit reports form the basis of credit scoring models that you are probably familiar with, including:

These aren’t the only consumer credit measures out there, though. Informations about your habits as a consumer, and the way you conduct business is out there, and available for others to see. Here are 7 consumer profile reports that you might not be aware of:

1. CoreLogic

CoreLogic is a relatively new credit reporting agency, aiming to create a new credit scoring model. While the CoreScore isn’t quite available yet, the company is still collecting information about you and compiling it into a report. Not only is loan information included, but your public records are also reported. You are entitled to one free copy of the report each year, and can get your CoreLogic report with a call to 877-532-8778.

2. Chex Systems and 3. TeleCheck

You might be unpleasantly surprised when you go to open a bank account to discover that there are reports that can mean that you are ineligible — even if you have a decent credit score. Chex Systems and TeleCheck are both companies that collect information on how consumers use their checking accounts. When you overdraw your account, it is reported. Other issues might be reported as well. Banks that use Chex Systems and/or TeleCheck might deny you an account if you have too many infractions.

You can request a free report each year for both Chex Systems [6] and TeleCheck [7].

4. C.L.U.E.

This is sometimes considered the “insurance” credit report. A C.L.U.E. report shares information about your personal property losses. This means claims paid out by your auto and home insurance companies. Your C.L.U.E. report [8] is often used by insurance companies to determine the likelihood that you will file a claim, and can help set your premium.

5. Employment History

If you call 866-312-8075, you can get a copy of your employment history report. This report looks at your history of employment, and even provides other background information that potential employers would be interested in looking at.

6. Resident History Report

As you might imagine, this report is about your history as a tenant. If there is public and reported information about your tenant history, others can look at it. This report provides information about your background as well. You can call 877-448-5732.

(It’s worthing noting that 4, 5, and 6 on this list are all provided by LexisNexis. You can actually sign up for full disclosure reports from LexisNexis to keep tabs on all of the information about C.L.U.E., employment, and residential reports.)

7. Prescription Drug History

It might come as a surprise to you to know that your drug history is saved, and considered a credit report. Reports are compiled mainly by two companies, Intelliscript (877-211-4816) and Medpoint (888-206-0335). You can request copies of your report, which should include the following information from the last five years:

Don’t assume that everything about as a consumer is limited to what you see with the three credit bureaus and FICO. A number of companies are interested in sharing information about you, and you should be aware of it.
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