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8 Items to Have in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Recently a severe storm ripped through our area with 80 to 100 mile per hour wind gusts. Our windows rattled and the hail started falling, so we found ourselves under the basement stairs, away from the windows. In that moment, we realized how unprepared we were for any type of emergency.

Had there been a tornado, or had we been without power for any significant amount of time, we would have been in a difficult position. Don’t let wild weather find you unprepared; instead, take the time to create an emergency preparedness kit. You may want to include:

A battery-operated portable radio or television. This can be one of your lifelines when the power goes out. You can keep abreast of the storm even when your electric operated television is no longer working.

Bottled water. You may not like bottled water because of the environmental impact, but if you rely on well water powered by electricity or your town has a disaster that affects water quality, you could have a shortage of water fairly quickly. Bottled water can tide you over until the power comes back on.

Battery powered lamps. Having several flashlights will help you in the event of a short outage, but battery powered lamps are advisable for a longer outage.

Fresh batteries. Keep a supply of fresh batteries in case any of yours run out so you are not stranded without battery operated light and radio or television.

Portable generator. While this is a financial investment, a portable generator can be essential to your comfort and can save you money if the power is out. Consider how much you would lose if you have a large freezer stocked with food and your electricity is out for several days or weeks. Another benefit is that these generators can also be used to power your tailgate party.

Permanent generator. If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, you may want to invest in a permanent generator. My mom lives in an area where the power goes out if the wind blows just a little strongly. In the 15 years she has had the generator, it has kept her comfortable and able to stay home and weather many power outages, including an ice storm that left her without power for 12 days.

Family momentos. While not essential to your survival, having one central location to store your family momentos like photos and marriage license is ideal. If you are facing a wildfire you may have only a short time to pack your belongings and evacuate. Having everything together will save you time.

A fire-proof safe. Keep all of your important financial documents in a fire-proof safe. You will have them all in a secure location, and the safe can keep them protected in the event of several natural disasters such as wild fires or floods.

Natural disasters are going to occur; to keep your family safe, make sure you have all of the essentials available and in one location. For your creature comforts, other more pricey items such as a generator, can help you weather the storm more easily.

What other items would you recommend people keep in their emergency preparedness kit?