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84th Carnival of Personal Finance

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I’m happy to present, for your reading enjoyment, a ridiculously long 84th Carnival of Personal Finance. You may have expected Five Cent Nickel to host this particular edition but earlier this week he asked that we swap hosting positions so you can see his rendition next week.

The Carnival has grown tremendously from its first edition on June 20th, 2005 when thirteen bloggers participated (I was the first, so ha!) and today we have more submissions than I care to count and it’s grown to the point where I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything clever or interesting with it and still be able to enjoy my weekend. I’ve enjoyed my time hosting the Carnival, my first time being the 2nd Edition that featured a svelte eight entries – I read every single one. I really enjoyed the 47th Edition where I put together a map of the entries (in my opinion, my crowning achievement in hosting any carnival)… but this week there were just too many entries this will mark my final appearance as host of the CoPF. I feel that with the sheer number of submissions, I’d be doing the carnival and its submitters a disservice by continuing to host and doing a list of links as you’re about the see.

I split the carnival up into two (three if you count Editor’s Choice) groups – bloggers I’ve actually interacted with and those that I haven’t. I’m not making any judgments on the quality of the work in either category (that is to say I don’t claim the posts in the list of “friends” is better than the list of “strangers,” but I think the Editor’s Choices are good reads) but I’m separating the two to illustrate how the pfblogosphere has grown so tremendously.

Editor’s Choice

  1. Big Cajun Man presents Your Financial Resume posted at Canadian Financial Stuff.
  2. Michelle Cramer presents Teaching Your Child About Money posted at The Small Business Buzz.
  3. Dan Melson presents Save For A Down Payment or Buy Now? (Part 1 of 2) posted at Searchlight Crusade.
  4. Tag presents An Emergency Fund is like the Ark posted at EveryDay Money.
  5. The Dividend Guy presents Good Books for New Investors.

Submissions from blogs I’ve interacted with

  1. Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Dollar cost averaging and assumptions.
  2. FMF presents Make Extra Money Each Year – Your Guide to Wealth posted at Free Money Finance.
  3. Five Cent Nickel presents 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Arbitrage in Action.
  4. Over at My Retirement Blog, I take a look at a Kiplinger’s article about how your 401k plan administrators may be getting a kickback to offer certain funds.
  5. TBH presents Primary home as a percentage of net worth posted at Tired But Happy.
  6. Matthew Paulson presents Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Kiyosaki Gets it Wrong With Money posted at Getting Green.
  7. Stingy Student presents Get Your G’s Together, G: #2 High Yield Savings Accounts.
  8. Sun presents DGL: PowerShares? Gold Play posted at The Sun’s Financial Diary.
  9. not confucius presents term life: buy now or buy later? posted at Green Is Look Sick
  10. Smarty presents Money Management 101 posted at Growing Money.
  11. William Wallets presents Investing 105: Investment Strategies posted at A Financial Revolution.
  12. Tricia presents Interview About With Spotsearch from TopicPoint posted at Blogging Away Debt.
  13. Silicon Valley Blogger presents How Rich Neighborhoods Can Be Deadly posted at The Digerati Life.
  14. Golbguru presents Friends With Money: Friends Or Charity? And Other Questions To Think About posted at Money, Matter, and More Musings.
  15. Paul Michael presents A New and Cheaper Way to Buy Cars – Going for Broker posted at Wise Bread.
  16. ML presents 529 Plans: The 10% Penalty Solution, Part 1 posted at My 1st Million At 33.
  17. Understand COBRA has a post outlining some health insurance options for college graduates who haven’t secured a job yet.
  18. Ask Uncle Bill presents Good Debt, Bad Debt, No Debt.
  19. Penny Nickel presents Martin Luther King on Economic Justice posted at Money and Values.
  20. ispf presents Dealing with Products that Tug At Your Heart Strings to Loosen Up Your Purse Strings posted at Personal Finance for Students and Fresh Grads.
  21. TJP presents Great Tool for Managing Your Investment Portfolio posted at Investor Trip.
  22. Trent has a good discussion of closing costs on a post titled 5 Big Questions For New Home Buyers #5: What Are All These Closing Costs? at The Simple Dollar.
  23. Tricia presents Tips for Solving Reconciliation Discrepancies in Quicken posted at I’m a Quicken Head.
  24. FDBryant3 presents Check Your Credit Report.
  25. NCN presents I Do Not Use Credit Cards posted at No Credit Needed Blog.
  26. mapgirl presents Guideline for saving posted at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge.
  27. Frugal Duchess presents I like Ugly Betty: She’s Frugal. Her Cheap Tips for a Trust Fund Baby.

Submissions from blogs I haven’t interacted with

  1. Mr Credit Card presents Compartmentalization and its effect on financial decisions. posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog.
  2. David presents So, where do you keep YOUR money? posted at My Two Dollars.
  3. Yan presents Credit card balance transfers made easy posted at
  4. Mona presents 50 Year Mortgages? Can It Get Any Worse Than This? posted at Time To Budget.
  5. Steve Faber presents You May Have Thousands of Dollars Out There – How to Get It posted at Debt Free.
  6. Dividend Money presents Is Encana Turning Around? posted at Dividend Money.
  7. Madeleine Begun Kane presents Accounting For That CPA posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.
  8. Paul presents Advice on Investing in Stocks – an Alternative Perspective posted at ExtremePerspective.
  9. Amateur Investor presents Being Mature About Debt posted at The Road 2 Riches.
  10. burningchrome presents Power Secret: A Must Read For Those Age 24 or Younger posted at Smart Cool Rich.
  11. Kirk Walsh presents Rebalancing Your Retirement Portfolio posted at Kirk Walsh.
  12. Pete presents Better Not Cheat on Your Taxes For Karma Sake posted at My Financial Awareness.
  13. Living Almost Large presents Do I need a will? posted at Living Almost Large.
  14. Bob Vineyard, CLU presents Microsoft Gets Hard on Piracy posted at InsureBlog.
  15. TFB presents More Risk, More Reward? posted at The Finance Buff.
  16. John Peter presents Steps To Take In Making Money posted at
  17. Clever Dude presents 5 Xtreme Saving Ideas! Warning: May be a little gross.
  18. michelle presents Get Paid to Be Green posted at
  19. Robert D Flach presents Update on the Telephone Excise Refund posted at The Wandering Tax Pro.
  20. Surfer Sam presents Your Focused Personal Finance Plan. You’re on your Way to Wealth.
  21. Finance Girl presents A Year of (Intentionally) Not Working posted at Financial Fitness.
  22. Super Saver presents My Wealth Building Strategies posted at My Wealth Builder
  23. Dorky Dad presents Saving $ on telephone costs with VoIP posted at Trying to get it right.
  24. Scott On Money presents Driving Down my Credit Score.
  25. Joe Kristan presents This Man Needs To Get Out More posted at Roth & Company Tax Update.
  26. makingourway presents Asset Allocation: How diversification improves portfolio performance..
  27. Kelly Bejelly presents Financial Achilles heel posted at A Girl Worth Saving.
  28. Wanda presents Hair, hair, everywhere posted at Well-heeled: climbing the networth ladder in heels.
  29. Elizabeth presents You Are What You Eat: Lunch Savings Calculator posted at Money for the Rest of Us.
  30. Michael K. Dawson presents Investing in Brazil, Russia, India & China – 2006 Results, Plans for 2007 posted at The Time and Money Group.
  31. Martin presents Section 529 College Savings Plan posted at Money Blog Site.
  32. Corey presents Don’t Rely The Lottery posted at
  33. Boring Made Dull presents Anticipation….
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15 Responses to “84th Carnival of Personal Finance”

  1. ispf says:

    I stumbled upon the “map carnival” in december, and really enjoyed navigating though it. Last week, when I received the CoPF mail that the carnival would be hosted by you this week, I was waiting for the next stroke of creativity. Boy, talk about expectations and pressure, huh 🙂 But, with so many entries, I’ve got to say, I am not really disappointed with the current presentation. I will take the neat list of great articles any day, rather than having to go scoure for them on the net. So, Thanks for hosting!

  2. Sun says:

    Jim: Thanks for hosting the Carnival. Looks like you got a long list :D. The Carnival is growing fast!

  3. Thanks for hosting another great carnival Jim!

  4. Flexo says:

    Thanks for organizing this massive Carnival. Good job!

  5. Just wanted to thank Blueprint for Financial Prosperity for including my article on Being Mature About Debt in this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance. Jim’s done a great job of hosting even though it seems overwhelming with the shear number of entries. I am looking forward to reading alot of the articles and will post links to some of my favorites […]

    Great Job again, and thanks for all the hard work.


  6. Yan says:

    That is a lot of reading for tonight! Thanks for hosting.

    When people submit posts, do they use the category drop-down list?
    It would be nice to slice the list somehow for easier reading…

  7. Thanks for hosting, It’s getting a bit rediculous with the number of entries each week, I’m sure it’s not easy!

  8. Thanks for hosting Jim! Looooooooooong list as always. I’ll be pinging back on my trackback day which is Friday. Hope that’s not too long a time as I need to collect all my links together!

  9. David says:

    Thanks for hosting Jim! Just mentioned it this morning and starting to look through the list.

  10. Golbguru says:

    Wow…that must have kept you busy for a long time :).
    Thanks for hosting, nice job.
    The carnival is only going to get bigger by the day.

  11. hgstern says:

    Wonderful job…Thanks for hosting this week!

  12. Kelly says:

    Thanks for hosting and including me 😉

  13. Tag says:

    Thanks for hosting. A really long list, I am looking forward to working my way through it.


  14. SCapitalist says:

    Great job hosting!

  15. TJP says:

    Great Job hosting. How much bigger can Carnival of Personal Finance get!

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