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A Million Bucks By 30 Missing Chapter: Oh No, Girlfriend (Part 1 of 4)

I recently reviewed Alan Corey’s book, A Million Bucks By 30 [3] (review [4]), and absolutely loved it. So, I thought it’d be fun if Alan wrote a guest post while I was away on our honeymoon and he did me one better – he sent me a chapter that was cut from the book.

This chapter focuses a lot about frugality and probably an interesting profile of a common relationship between a spender and a saver. Since this was cut from an earlier edition, Alan couldn’t place it in the chronology of the book but he estimates this was around when he was 24 or 25. Regardless of the original placement, I’ll be splitting this up over the next four days so be on the look out for the next three parts.

Oh No, Girlfriend (Part 1)

Wow, my bedroom is a mess. Stacks and piles of clothes everywhere. An actual compost heap of clothes. I guess if something’s been on the very bottom of the pile for 5 weeks, that should make it clean by now, right? Let’s see…in the middle of the pile are my jeans – middle level means clean for jeans. My red shirt, nope, that probably needs another week. Oh cool, my socks! Those always take the longest, they’ve been there at least a month. OK, I can wear those. Oh man, my underwear is funky. Underwear never gets compost clean. Speaking of which, I’m down to my last clean pair. I’m a grown man, why can’t I just do laundry like everyone else? And why are drawers and closets so complicated to me? I guess I do know where everything is at least; I’m not completely senile yet. Yet!

I don’t treasure my clothes like many people, but that’s because I purchase my clothes from second-hand stores or at a tremendous discount. As a result, I don’t really get attached to anything I wear. I don’t expect high quality from things that cost so little, and honestly expect my clothes to fall apart after a few washings. But the truth is that rarely happens —all of my clothes seem to last forever. (And so I wear them forever.) My key to buying clothes is to avoid anything that’s trendy. Trendy has a shelf life, and I don’t want my clothes expiring. But at the same time, I don’t think I’m going to get arrested by the fashion police anytime soon. I’d like to think I’ve assembled a wardrobe of items that are adaptable to a wide range of occasions (like black shoes) and those that history has shown have staying power (like dark blue jeans). I don’t look expensive, but I still look good. Expensive only brings headaches: If I spill food on my cheap shirt, it’s not going to ruin my evening; if I spill food on your expensive shirt, well, it will suck to be you.

That’s it for part one, keep on the lookout for Part 2 tomorrow! Part 2 covers the girlfriend, Kelly, mentioned in the title and the conflict that often exists in a relationship if one person is a spender and another is a saver.